This is the generation that will abolish abortion

Pro-abortion Argument #1 – Abortion must remain safe and legal so women don’t go to back alleys.

Pro-abortion Argument #1- Abortion must remain safe and legal so women don’t go to back alleys.  Answer: First, abortion is never “safe” for the child who is being killed.  Second, you don’t legalize a violent act just so the persons committing that act are “safe” in doing so. Should we then create “safe” rape clinics to people don’t commit that act in a back alley? Abortion is an act of violence against a human being; it is never safe and certainly should not be legal.

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  1. Eric Simmons
    Posted February 13, 2013 at 5:00 pm | Permalink

    Unfortunately, comparing abortion to rape is not going to sway the opinions of those already in favor of abortion, because they simply do not acknowledge that abortion is inherently evil. In other words, they do not see abortion as being equivalent to murder. A pro-choicer would argue that, at worst, abortion is the humane termination of a human life, but more often than not they simply refuse to acknowledge the unborn child as even being human at all.

    So what you are saying here, suggesting sardonically that we open up safe rape clinics to protect rapists, appears to a pro-choicer like a callous dismissal of a serious issue. Indeed, while I understand your strategy here is to be as pithy as possible, I would argue that your counter-argument is styled as more of a retort than a sincere defense of your position.

    Make no mistake, I myself am a pro-lifer, and I agree with you. But your statement’s biggest weakness is the glaringly obvious one: It doesn’t address the danger “back-alley” abortions pose to pregnant women, who pro-choicers perceive as innocents. A small effort to actually address this issue with charity would go a long way toward strengthening your counter-argument.

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