This is the generation that will abolish abortion

229 Babies saved so far in 40 Days for Life Fall Campaign.

This report came in from our friends at 40 Days for Life

Today marks the midpoint of this 40 Days for Life
campaign. The blessings are more than we can count!

One thing we HAVE been able to count is the number
of turnarounds reported by local campaign teams.

So far, there have been …

… 229 babies saved from abortion — that we know of!

Let’s go straight to a few of these amazing stories.


As two volunteers began praying at the 40 Days for Life
vigil were praying, a woman drove up and started yelling
at them.

“You’re not helping anything,” she screamed. “These
women need someone to care for them, not harass them.”

One of the volunteers tried to explain the vigil, but
the woman wasn’t interested. She just shouted some more
— and drove off.

That was a bit unsettling, but the pair continued
to pray — specifically for the young woman they
were watching. She was sitting with her mother in
a parked car.

Neither woman got out of the car. About 20 minutes
later, they started the engine and headed towards
the exit.

One of the volunteers walked in their direction and
asked them if they needed help.

The young woman said she had arrived for an abortion.
“But because of you on the sidewalk, I’m not going
to go through with it.”

What a testimony to this volunteer’s commitment to
stick with it even in the face of persecution!


The 40 Days for Life team in Cherry Hill reports nine
turnarounds so far this campaign.

One woman arrived for an abortion had several children
and faced some serious financial challenges. But she
changed her mind when she saw an ultrasound image.


Volunteers also spoke to three young women who were
heading towards the abortion center. One was there for
an abortion.

The vigil participant told her that judging from their
expressions, it was obvious that this was a sad day.
This volunteer told the group that they needed to be
aware of all the help that’s available.

With that, the young woman stood in the driveway for a
while — talking to her friends. She never went inside
the abortion facility. The three friends left — all
looking very much happier.


Pro-lifers in Houston are blessed with a mobile clinic
that can often be found parked outside the huge Planned
Parenthood abortion center.

Volunteers recently spoke to a man on the sidewalk, who
told them his wife had gone into Planned Parenthood for
an abortion. After a short discussion, he called his
wife and asked her to come outside to the mobile clinic.

She left Planned Parenthood, but seemed reluctant to
enter the mobile clinic — until she was offered a free

“We were able to show her on the ultrasound her unborn
child with its heart just beating away,” said one of the
volunteers. “Her attitude immediately changed and she
began to smile. She left our bus with proof of pregnancy,
doctor referrals and a beautiful baby blanket.”


  1. Haley Perkins
    Posted October 17, 2011 at 11:28 am | Permalink

    I do value what is being done. All children have the right to be born. But my questions is what now? What now for these women who are keeping their babies? Often women who are considering abortions have reason for choosing it, financial hardship, unstable/unfit family life, pregnancy as the product of rape/incest. It is an amazing first step to make sure these children are allowed life, but what about the life that they are born into. How are we helping provide support for these women and their children? I do not believe there is any reason other than immediate threat to a woman’s life that justifies abortion, but there are lives that children don’t deserve to be born into. So how protect those children post womb?

    • Michelle
      Posted October 17, 2011 at 8:54 pm | Permalink

      @Haley Depending on where you live, churches, pregnancy centers and even Health and Welfare can help the woman out. In my state you can apply for food stamps when you’re pregnant and they count the child for income requirements as soon as a doctor verifies conception. In California specifically to combat the abortion rate it is legal to leave the child at the hospital, no questions asked, after birth and the state will put the child up for adoption. Also, there are a lot of options when it comes to adoption anymore. You can choose the parents of your child and what level of contact you want with your child as they grow up. But I also think that there could be MUCH more support for women who do choose life. Our culture is designed to look down on women for choosing to have children in the first place, and if your circumstances aren’t “perfect” then you can really get a lot of trouble from people. BUT that is where the prolife culture comes in. We have to lovingly change hearts and get this info out to women so they don’t feel stuck.

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