This is the generation that will abolish abortion

An answer to people who are asking me why we want to completely defund Planned Parenthood when they do so many other good things.

It seems many people don’t understand the full scope of what Planned Parenthood is; the name itself is so deceiving that is causes confusion.  Planned Parenthood has done a good job of painting themselves as an organization that is there to help women and keep them safe; nothing can be further from the truth.

Lets start with the something that should automatically discount everything they do: abortion.  I hate using the word abortion because it is an attempt to sanitize the act of killing a human child. Planned Parenthood also uses terminology like “terminate a pregnancy” in their attempt to dehumanize the child in the womb.

Planned Parenthood not only specializes in abortion, but they are the nation’s largest provider of abortion. In 2009 Planned Parenthood killed over 25% of the babies who were killed by abortion in the US.  They are so focused on abortion that they mandated earlier this year that all of their affiliates must provide abortion.

The fact is that even if they just killed one child per year, we should have nothing to do with them, let alone the 332,278 abortions Planned Parenthood claims to have done in 2009.  If we were talking about an organization that killed three-year-olds as part of their business, no mater how minute a part, this topic would not even be open for discussion.

Planned Parenthood also claims that the taxpayer money does not actually pay for abortions.  This is an insane argument, as the money still goes to the organization and the organization is killing babies.  If that taxpayer money helped pay for the rent on the building where the abortions take place, the electricity that powered the suction machine used to do the abortion and the salary of the “doctor” who performs the abortion, then taxpayer money is paying for abortions.

How about birth control? Doesn’t Planned Parenthood offer free or cheap birth control to women who cannot afford it?  This is another question that many people have asked me lately.

There are several problems with this argument to keeping Planned Parenthood funded.  First of all, it really makes no sense to me why I should have to fund other peoples sex lives.  Planned Parenthood would argue that the government needs to stay out of people’s bedrooms, and that they have no business knowing what goes on or regulating sexual activity.  If that is the case, then how can they argue that the government should use our tax dollars to fund what goes on in the bedroom?

The other issue with this argument is that fact the much of this birth control can be abortifacient in nature, meaning it can cause early abortions. Every form of chemical birth control has a mechanism that makes the uterine wall hostile to embryos, which causes early abortions when break-through ovulation occurs.  For more detailed information on this topic go to:

Yes, Planned Parenthood also does provide some other services such as STD testing, although they have now renamed it STI testing.  In their pursuit to lesson the stigma of promiscuity and youth sexual activity, they now changed the term to Sexually Transmitted Infection.  The word infection, like abortion, is a sanitized and minimized term meant to lesson any stigma.

Let’s not forget the beloved founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger.  Sanger is still honored by Planned Parenthood every year with the Margaret Sanger Award.  This alone should be enough to make everyone’s hair stand on end, as Sanger was an ardent eugenicist and hate-filled racist.

The racism was also documented in some of the first undercover stings preformed by Live Action.  Phone calls to Planned Parenthood asking to donate money to kill black babies were received happily.  Over the past several years, videos were released by Live Action showing Planned Parenthood covering up child rape, sex trafficking and pimps seeking services for 13-year-old prostitutes.

Margaret Sanger’s Racist Comments here:

See Live Actions Video Stings here:

I will offer another simple analogy.

Imagine if you were donating money to your neighbor who was handing out free food for poor people in your neighborhood.  This might be one of the only sources of affordable healthy food for many people in your neighborhood.  Then one day you find out this neighbor also was giving food to several child molesters so they can keep the children they are molesting alive.  He is also killing some of the toddler children of parents who no longer want to take care of those kids.

Would you still donate to him because you wanted to make sure the good work he was doing could continue?  Would you be against law enforcement shutting him down because then those poor people could not get food?

Think about this: Planned Parenthood murders young children — over 300,000 of them in 2009.  Planned Parenthood has been caught red-handed offering help to pimps and sex traffickers and should be shut down and investigated for criminal charges.

So my answer is yes; even though there are things they do that could be perceived as beneficial or good, I want Planned Parenthood defunded and shut down. They remind me of a dentist standing out on the street corner after school handing out “free” candy every day, knowing that when the kids have tooth decay, he will recoup all of his candy expenses on their fillings.

For Christ I stand,

Bryan Kemper


  1. Anea
    Posted March 31, 2011 at 2:58 pm | Permalink

    The reason they use the term “STI” instead of “STD” has more to do with the fact that the signs and sympoms (sometimes completely undetectable) mirror those of infections, as opposed to a disease. I’m really unsure as to what issue you see with destigmatizing something that inspires such hateful, ignorant banter from those who seem to think that an STI/STD is somehow distributed to everyone who reaches the 75 partner mark in order to properly condemn their promiscuity. They can be transmitted by your first sexual partner, your spouse, a rapist, through pregnancy, and sometimes without any partner at all.

    • lee
      Posted June 18, 2012 at 7:28 pm | Permalink

      Signs and symptoms do not characterize infections, only the diseases caused by the infections. Eliminating infection is part of the goal when treating a patient for a sexually transmitted disease, along with anti-inflammatories and any other meds needed to treat the condition. “STD” is the accurate acronym to use when referring to the conditions treated by Planned Parenthood. The only reason the terminology has been changed to a less-accurate phrase is to avoid the stigma associated with “STD”. Planned Parenthood also authored the term “product of conception” to detract from the thought of killing one’s baby. The abortion industry is very proficient with the use of semantics, because it has to be to survive…the reality of what they do would produce more horror than they could withstand.

  2. kait
    Posted April 7, 2011 at 10:27 am | Permalink

    i am pro-life, but i cannot help but feel this argument is crammed with emotional, irrational, illogical arguments. the fact that you threw in that pp’s founder, margaret sanger was a “raging racist” is totally irrelevant and kinda proves you guys are grasping for straws in trying to support your argument.

    yes, i hate abortion, but planned parenthood is not to blame for the institution of abortion. it offers abortions because, unfortunately, that has become a part of reproductive healthcare entails. if abortion were illegal, planned parenthood would not offer them. if you want to rally to get abortion illegalized or more restricted, i’m all for it – at least you’re addressing the root of the problem rather than attacking a helpful organization that DOES protect women’s health in many ways.

    also, the notion that the birth control pill and emergency contraceptive tools are somehow “evil” and can “cause abortion” to occur (which i’m fairly certain you were hinting at) is ABSURD. again, the fact that you would promote such a radical, backwards looking stance further discredits this whole argument.

    • Greg
      Posted June 18, 2012 at 8:40 pm | Permalink

      Can you name one thing they do to “…protect women’s health…” that you couldn’t get from a place, like a catholic hospital, that doesn’t offer abortions or purposely misinform people about sex and it’s consequences? Just one?

  3. Luke
    Posted June 18, 2012 at 6:10 pm | Permalink

    Anea: “Infection, often the first step, occurs when bacteria, viruses or other microbes enter your body and begin to multiply. Disease occurs when the cells in your body are damaged — as a result of the infection — and signs and symptoms of an illness appear.” (mayo clinic) STD’s are in fact diseases not infections, the fact that PP is calling them infections brings into question their medical legitimacy. STD is a medical term, any feelings hateful or not are determined by the person feeling them; likewise the word “gay” (which I only use in the sense defined in the dictionary) carries feelings for each individual on a personal level. Anyone over 50 would probably hear the word gay and think (like I do) “happy go lucky”, while the newer generations will think “homosexual” and to the newest meaning “dumb, stupid or idiotic”. If I said “Adolf” to a Jewish woman, she might have thoughts of a time when an evil man planned to kill people he deemed “undesirable” (which is what PP was really planning in their foundation.) ; but Adolf is just a German name, people will always find a way to turn something harmless into something harmful and wicked people like the man called Hitler will always find a way to make the harmful things sound harmless. In the twilight series the vampire has intercourse with the human girl, through which she is battered (it is to my shame that I know this), the young folk say that he is a violent lover; if we start changing the terms we know are wrong soon people who beat their spouse will also be violent lovers… see a problem with that? What if I called a mass murderer “a man with anger issues”? how about if I said the man who murdered his wife simply loved her to death? Changing the names of evil indeed places more danger in society, if we cannot see something for what it is because of a “cutesy name” then we walk in the dark with ravenous wolves.

    Kait: Emotional, yes absolutely. If you don’t feel emotional after seeing a dead baby then I recommend seeking psychiatric assistance. Irrational and illogical, absolutely not. The very fact that they still celebrate this evil woman calls their ethics into question. The German people do their best to forget Hitler, so why does this organization want to remember his female equal? If Hitler were the founder of PP would you still want it around? No, because you know his crimes, they are evident in history. Her crimes are the same as his and yet she is praised. How is history irrelevant? Since the enlightenment period racism has grown exponentially, most notably the slaves, Hitler, and now planned parenthood. Knowing that they were founded as a population control organization should shock you, knowing that they targeted high black and Hispanic populations should appall you, and knowing they still maintain that ideal and tactic should make you want to defund and disband their organization. These facts question their unbiased, healthcare facility status.
    Do you know when abortion was invented? I don’t. you see, in days long passed when a baby was unwanted, or could not be financially supported, the infant was “exposed”. This means that the infant was placed in a highly populated area at the low point of traffic so that the parent was not discovered and the baby would be taken by someone who could care for him/her. There are accounts of civilizations that were poor and famine prone who would eat their babies if they were starving…. But no known record of abortion. You know why? Because abortion is relatively new, it occurs post enlightenment and pre-Hitler, but no accurate date can be placed on it. One thing is quite obvious though, whoever did invent it, clearly was trying to stop reproduction… why would someone want to do that I wonder? Well I only know of one group who wants that, catch my drift? If not, here is the answer. RACISTS. Someone who viewed another group as undesirable (sound familiar?) wanted to stop, or more accurately control, their reproduction. So don’t sell me that garbage that PP is helping women, its people like them that invented this wickedness that “HURTS” women. As to that birth control reference, I won’t bother explaining but advise that you learn biology & chemistry and look at the ingredients and see how they work. Once you do, you will be shocked to see just how mislead you were in your assumption that they are “safe“.

    • Keith
      Posted November 14, 2012 at 11:27 pm | Permalink

      Abortion has been practiced since ancient times, in Egypt, Rome, Greece, and so on. Done for thousands of years, though most methods were ineffective.

  4. Hannah
    Posted June 17, 2013 at 7:50 pm | Permalink

    Not only do I strongly disagree with this biASS website, but I support planned parenthood. Planned Parenthood helps not only women, but everybody, preventing sexually transmitted diseases (or infections, it does not matter what it’s called) all over the U.S , it helps prevent women from having children that are not financially ready or just want to have children when they are settled. Birth control was a pill created by Margret Sanger in order to help parents plan better, statistics show that places without birth control and planned parenthood (like Africa) have higher rates of deaths of women and infants then the abortion rates in the U.S. Also the argument on Margret Sanger being a “raging races”, I agree with Kait it was irrelevant, and also maybe if you did a little more research you would find that Margret changed her ways…” She was involved in the “Negro Project” which was organized to help provide birth control to African-American women.. During the debate within the Birth Control Federation of America (which was sponsoring the project) Sanger argued very strongly that there should be African-American leadership in the Project” she also worked along side Martin Luther King. Also it is stated in the article that you wouldn’t support a neighbor trying to feed the poor because of a child molester…. well lets imagine that the child molesters mother had birth control maybe she could have raised her child in a better environment, because statistics also show that kids who grow up around the same abuse and manners will grow up having those same cruel manners. I’m not saying that I believe that abortion is the best option, but just because planned parenthood provides it doesn’t mean you should target the whole organization and what it does because it saves a lot of peoples lives. On a personal level I can say that Planned Parenthood was very helpful because I was in need for birth control, not for sexual activity reasons but because birth control can also help with the menstrual cycle which may include severe cramps and head aches, this may be a shock to you but that “cheap birth control” helped me a lot when that was my last option, I think its a shame that us Americans don’t realize all the advantages that we have.:(

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