This is the generation that will abolish abortion

Another Baby In Our World – Fruit of the work of Stand True and Priests for Life

One of the questions I get the most from people is, “why are you so passionate about pro-life, what makes you stick with this for so many years”?

This is not a strange question to me as I know this line of work can be extremely draining both physically and spiritually.  When you travel so much and spend so many nights away from home sleeping on van benches, strange beds and floors it can take a toll on you not matter how passionate you are about a cause or fight. When I have to wake up every day to the fact that another four thousand lives are on the line; sometimes I just want to scream. While I have hundreds of days a year in which I want to scream, I also have many days – I did yesterday – where I end up wiping tears of joy from my face.

Late afternoon yesterday I noticed a young pregnant couple walk into the vending barn at Cornerstone Festival where our booth is set up.  I asked her how far along she was and congratulated them as this is their first child. I really felt moved by the Holy Spirit to give the father a free Heritage shirt and explain the beauty of Psalm 127.

Kayla and Brandon began smiling as I shared with them why this shirt meant so much to me as a father of seven children. Kayla told me that she had just given Brandon a fathers day card with Psalm 127 on it. It was what Kayla said to me next that stirred up the tears and touched me so much.

Last year Kayla had come by our booth and talked to me as she was getting married in October of 2011 and wanted information about what birth control to use. I shared with her the dangers of chemical birth control and gave her literature from the booth. I also shared my heart with her about being open to the blessings from God, His heritage as it says in Psalm 127. Kayla told me it was because of that encounter at Cornerstone Festival last year that they decided to just allow God to build their house and are now blessed with their first child due in three weeks.

It is truly moments like these that get me through the rough days, the sad days, the days in which I just want to scream.

I hope this story blessed you also, as many who read this site are also the ones who click that donation button to make sure we are set up at events like Cornerstone Festival. You are the ones who provide the money so we can buy that literature and put gas in the van to get to each event. You are the ones who pray for us and the work we are doing. You can truly say that you had a part in the blessing of knowing this beautiful child will be laying in his or her parents arms in just a few weeks.

Thank you.

Bryan Kemper


  1. brice
    Posted July 6, 2012 at 11:53 am | Permalink

    I’m crying now, too! What an awesome story and testimony to your work. Keep it up, BK.

  2. Heidi
    Posted July 6, 2012 at 3:06 pm | Permalink

    Thank you for all that you do and for sharing this story!

  3. Naomi
    Posted July 10, 2012 at 11:41 am | Permalink

    What a wonderful story. I am glad you found them at Cornerstone and were encouraged to see that your work is changing people and allowing the life God creates to grow, thrive and be born.
    My husband and I stopped by your booth at the festival and though we only talked for a moment, we have met before, and seeing you still fighting this fight convicted me of my own laziness and apathy.
    I’ve recently joined the Board of our family care center in Quinte West Ontario and I had begun to have real hesitations about my joining because of the director’s tendency to be unorganized and ‘last minute’….but seeing you and knowing your mission with Stand True reminded me that its not about whether I work well under this director but it is about doing something – changing people’s hearts and minds, to help one mother and father choose life for their baby and ultimately to end abortion…and no longer sitting on my ass feeling self righteous for knowing all the clever arguments for why its wrong and blaming politicians for not doing anything.
    We did come back to your booth and pick up a few shirts and that hoodie I loved so much. It actually became a great discussion piece between my husband and I…where the hoodie says “Social Justice begins in the womb” we discussed that justice itself as a whole begins in the womb. For you can never be treated fairly or with dignity or respect in any situation if the other person does not look at you as a human being.
    Anyway, I could rant on.
    I am glad you found something to be thankful for at Cornerstone, and I hope we cross paths again someday.

  4. Valerie
    Posted July 18, 2012 at 9:34 am | Permalink

    Praise God! What a beautiful real life story. Thank you for sharing that, and thank you for listening to the Lord’s call in your life and following Him! The work you do is inspiring and life changing for so many. You will be SO greatly rewarded in Heaven, and I’m thankful that our Lord gives you these little rewards here on Earth as well. God Bless you!

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