This is the generation that will abolish abortion

Arguments that just don’t work

Arguments that just don’t work: Abortion should be legal because sometimes it is necessary as nothing is black and white. Really? Would we then say sometimes it is ok to rape, beat your wife or molest a child because noting is black and white? I don’t think so. Some things are always black and white and always wrong. Killing a baby in the womb is always wrong, that is black and white. Abolish Abortion!

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    AMEN Brian!!! My wife Carrie, (who survived her mother’s attempted abortion on her life 43 years ago) and I are now in the process of forming a pro-life company to support the ministry of, “The International Memorial for the Unborn”, and our growing family (at the combined age of 95, we just learned through a very miraculous set of events that Carries in now pregnant with our, “Second Generation Abortion Survivors” …possibly twin girls we plan to name Hope and Destiny!). To view our store, please visit and to join our facebook business page, and read the amazing testimony of how the Lord brought all this to pass, please go to!/photo.php?fbid=238489406257937&set=a.238488132924731.52543.238342989605912&type=3&theater

    Blessings in our Messiah!

    United for Life!!
    Richard Fischer

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