This is the generation that will abolish abortion

Emily films the murder of her child for the world to see and calls it “cool”.

Emily decided after becoming a mother that she was not ready to have children. Her response? She decided to have an abortion and film it for the world to see.

This video is disturbing to say the least; what you will see is the pre-meditated murder of an innocent human being. One of the most disturbing parts of the video is when the murder is over, Emily says “cool.” I wanted to vomit when I heard that.

Emily knows that what she did was to kill a baby, she admits it at the end of the video. She proclaims that now she knows she can “make a baby.”  She knew this was a baby.

Emily did this to show the world how easy it is to hire someone to kill your baby and how she has no regrets. Her goal is to de-stigmatize abortion, to make people believe that it is not an act of murder but just a “cool” choice pregnant women can make.

Emily knows that abortion is being exposed for what it is. Emily knows that more and more of this generation understands that abortion is the murder of a human being. Emily knows that even the “pro-choice” side admits that the fetus is a human being. Emily knows that women do regret their abortions and are speaking out more and more about that regret.

Ministries like Silent No More are giving women and men that voice to share with the world the devastation they feel when they realize what they have done. I highly encourage everyone to go to their web site and listen to the testimonies of these courageous men and women who are speaking out.

I don’t hate Emily; my heart actually breaks for her. I am just like her, a sinner who can only find the Hope I need in Christ. I know that Emily is someone’s daughter and as a father I hurt for the lost grandchild her father will never hold. As a Christian I grieve for the state of her soul and her eternal path. I will commit to praying for Emily and for her to find the Hope that is only found in our Savior, Jesus Christ.

What can we take away from this video?

This morning I sat at a coffee shop and listened to a table of older men talking about religion, spirituality and the existence of God. From what I heard it seemed as if they were not Christians but espousing some new age beliefs in reincarnation and astrology. I prayed and asked God for the right words to say to them and slowly approached their table.

I introduced myself and apologized for interrupting them and explained about how I had overheard their conversation. I told them I just wanted to share my thoughts on the afterlife and God. I explained to them that as someone who has messed around with the Occult and spent so many years searching for the answers in drugs that the only Hope I found was in Christ.

Then I saw the smiles on their faces; they were part of a Catholic men’s discussion group who meet every Tuesday morning and were just discussing these issues. They invited me to join them and we had an amazing conversation. I have been invited to join them every week and cannot wait for next Tuesday.

My point is that in a world that is bathed in darkness and wallowing in the pit of despair, we must be bold about sharing the light of Christ who can lift us out of that pit. – Psalms 40:2 He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay; And he set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.

This darkness can be defeated, it cannot exist if we shine the Light of Christ boldly with our lives and our witness. Have you allowed the light of Christ to shine from you today? Who knows if that young girl sitting alone in the coffee shop is the next Emily and is just waiting for someone to love her enough to offer the Hope that is Christ.

Bryan Kemper

Here is the video Emily made.


  1. Tony Pelletier
    Posted May 6, 2014 at 2:34 pm | Permalink

    Sent to Emily on her yt account


    I am not here to shout at you. Unfortunately, some people would. I don’t approve of their anger towards you. You, as a human being, deserve the respect due to human beings. A profound respect. Yet, I do approve of the anger towards the evil you just did. Everyone should have a deep aversion towards disrespect for human beings… A deep aversion for the evil inflicted to another human being, a victim, yet without ever being disrespectful towards the oppressor.

    Yes, you were granted the possibility to make a human being, but that does not mean you were granted the possibility to kill her/him.

    Respect is a two-way street. I pray that you, one day, sooner or later (better sooner) will come to recognize and confess the evil you just did to this child of yours, so that you become able to receive forgiveness from him who made it possible for you to exist.

    Sister, please consider listening to Jesus’ call to repentence.

    a Catholic freak, a forgiven sinner

    • Elizabeth
      Posted May 7, 2014 at 6:22 am | Permalink

      Thanks Tony.. U said it..

    • James Whitaker
      Posted May 7, 2014 at 1:35 pm | Permalink


  2. Brenda Bonnell
    Posted May 6, 2014 at 4:02 pm | Permalink

    I’m pretty much speechless. She may admit that this is murder but to me she doesn’t seem to really have a true sense
    of what she had just done to her child. She is truly lost. I pray God will open her heart, eyes and ears to His truth.

  3. Jason
    Posted May 6, 2014 at 4:17 pm | Permalink

    aint nothin cool about killing a child.. if you didnt want a baby keep your legs closed

  4. Posted May 6, 2014 at 4:58 pm | Permalink

    it seems so easy to kill the unborn and walk away. but the evil is always before you in the sight of GOD may GOD have mercy. may our LORD JESUS CRIHST forgive your evil sin.

    • Posted May 7, 2014 at 12:53 pm | Permalink

      all sin is evil in the sight of god. but no one can ever be o.k with it we all must regret our sin and ask the lord our god jesus for mercy and for giviness.

  5. Posted May 6, 2014 at 6:31 pm | Permalink

    I hope God does not give you another chance to get pregnant and have another child when it is convenient for you. Then you may realize that you could have let your child live and give someone hoping and praying to be able to adopt a child. I hope some day God will have mercy on your soul.

    • Regina
      Posted May 9, 2014 at 2:01 pm | Permalink

      read my comment. that’s not really a Christian thing to say. Through the blood of Jesus, the Lord forgives us all. In the eyes of the Lord, ALL sin is the same. In the eyes and heart of God, a lie is the same as murder, rape, sexual immorality, AND abortion. Forgive as you would be forgiven

    • Paula
      Posted May 9, 2014 at 4:57 pm | Permalink

      Sue Ellen – When I was 19 I had 2 abortions, which I deeply regret to this day. Tomorrow will be 35 years since my second one. I wish with all my heart that I had never done it. Just want you to know that God never gave up on me and He blessed me with 2 beautiful children that I raised and cherish more that anything. It was in teaching my son his Short Catechism at the age of 8 that God opened my eyes and gave me the gift of Faith. Undeserving as I was. Please never wish that a post-abortive woman won’t be able to conceive again, it may just be the means that God uses to bring her to Himself. Peace to you.

  6. Ryan
    Posted May 6, 2014 at 7:07 pm | Permalink

    If you where truly happy about being able to make life you would have had this baby and givin it up for adoption!

  7. Tina
    Posted May 6, 2014 at 10:09 pm | Permalink

    I am the mother to five beautiful babies; 16, 14, 9, 7, and 1 (maybe 2 – we’ll find out next month) in the womb. My heart is broken for her baby but more for her. Her innocent little angel will have eternal life with our Heavenly Father. I pray she will know He will forgive her and she will accept that. One day maybe her testimony will be so strong she’ll be able to the lives of many others.

    • Tina
      Posted May 6, 2014 at 10:09 pm | Permalink

      To save the lives of many others.

    • Regina
      Posted May 9, 2014 at 2:02 pm | Permalink

      RIGHT ON!!!!! Read my comment

  8. Posted May 6, 2014 at 10:41 pm | Permalink

    I actually feel sorry for you because God blessed you with a child and you selfishly MURDERED it. Not everyone us as lucky as you are and even tho you didn’t want the baby you could have put the baby up for adoption and blessed a family that is unable to have children but no you decided to take the life of an innocent child. I hope what ever caused you to to that was worth it. I pray that God forgives you and you ask forgiveness for murder.

  9. Augustine
    Posted May 7, 2014 at 6:22 am | Permalink

    In the end days, people will become lovers of themselves and cold hearted. May the light of Christ save all of us.

  10. Jessica Jackson
    Posted May 7, 2014 at 8:39 am | Permalink

    Emily, what you did will haunt you if you have a soul. You can contact “Rachel’s Vineyard” when that day comes. You said you were “in awe that you could make a life” and smiled about it. Are you also in awe that could end your baby’s life legally because you were inconvenienced? Precious baby. So sad for you.

    Jessica Jackson
    Versailles, KY

  11. karen
    Posted May 7, 2014 at 9:52 am | Permalink

    someday you will regret taking the life of your child. Someday the tears will come. Someday you will wonder why certain things make you fee frazzled or depressed. There is forgiveness in Christ. Please find a positive Christian to speak with, now, before the feelings get out of hand.

  12. MK
    Posted May 7, 2014 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

    This broke my heart. This girl reminds me of so many people I know. She could be a friend. She could be a relative. She could be a coworker.

    Maybe I imagined it, but every now and then I thought I saw a shadow cross over her face, like she knew… I think some part of her knew the enormity of what she was doing. She needs our constant prayers, as do all those victimized by the culture of death.

    St. Jude, pray for us.

  13. Roxy Button
    Posted May 7, 2014 at 1:43 pm | Permalink

    Well aren’t you just an expert in so many areas

  14. sarah arnold
    Posted May 7, 2014 at 2:56 pm | Permalink

    i would like to start out by saying that you are one of the most inconsiderate, self absorbed human beings I have ever seen.. have you ever heard of a thing call ADOPTION????!!!! you don’t deserve to ever have to the opportunity to have children again. and hey if your not ready to have children its called use PRECAUTIONS, such as a CONDOM or BIRTH CONTROL.

  15. Eugene
    Posted May 7, 2014 at 4:11 pm | Permalink

    too bad that baby(I am glad you did not call it a “blob of cells”) will never be able to have a baby. Emily, have you ever seen anyone look like you , act like you(maybe) have your life, and your choices? You have taken that away from an individual as if not more unique than you. You are special…but so was the human being(baby) that you said was trash because you were not ready to have a baby. What if you mom had said the same thing? Your thankful you had a choice but your baby will never have that much less…that child only had one shot in all of eternity to exit(like you have the privileged of now) having never been, not in the past, the future and now after being killed, you will never have your child(that you did create with help) will never smile at you, laugh at and with you and hug you and say “I love you mommy” or ever have breakfast or pictures made by that unique child. Nor will you ever celebrate when your child could have solved world hunger, fought for women’s rights, been president, found the cure for breast cancer, or loved another person because they needed to be loved….they will never have the opportunities you do now. You can make another baby but why not birth control in the first place? You are working at an abortion clinic(advising women)…I believe you knew the consequences of unprotected sex…so I am asking why were you not responsible with birth control before you needed an abortion…I really hope you were not deliberate in this choice…just to make a film? You look like you are maybe 19 years old…why did you or him not have protected sex? Your happy about have a chance…choice to kill a “baby”. One more person will not know love. I forgive you…not that you are looking for that, but every baby is special…look around, everyone was a baby, look around everyone was a choice. I bet you’re happy you had a choice. I have three choices I am glad we kept…they love me back. I care.

  16. Kassandra
    Posted May 7, 2014 at 7:41 pm | Permalink

    I agree with you Emily. I believe every one should have their choice to decide if they want to keep their baby or not. If you know the time isn’t right for you or that you won’t be the best mom for the baby then you should have the choice to have an abortion. If I were in your position I would have made the same decision and your video would have made me feel better about my choice. Because it is our choice to have. The video you made took courage and when watching it, everyone needs to keep an open mind. I saw the video through a scared woman not ready to be a mom and facing a decision she put lots of thought into. Call her a murderer, disgusting, and cruel but for her, it was the right decision. I am a Catholic and I believe women should have the right to decide what is the best decision for themselves.

    • Dina
      Posted May 10, 2014 at 2:06 pm | Permalink

      Kassandra, I wish more “Catholics” would read their Bibles and see what God has to say about this issue. Adoption is a loving alternative to abortion. If the parent(s) were irresponsible enough to have unprotected sex, the baby should not be given the death penalty. The parent(s) should have enough pity/love for the baby to give it to a loving family, one who would and allow it the right to be live and be loved.

    • A Stein
      Posted May 14, 2014 at 3:45 pm | Permalink


      “If you know the time isn’t right for you or that you won’t be the best mom for the baby then you should have the choice to have an abortion.”

      How about adoption????

      Kassandra, you are not a Catholic but a fraud!
      You can never justify murdering a child!
      Go ask God to forgive you for your “pro-choice” statement to MURDER a child.

    • Eugene
      Posted May 29, 2014 at 2:05 pm | Permalink

      I want to start by saying whoever you are reading this…the one looking for answers, I am with you not against you. I want you to know that I care about the baby you might want to abort that living creature that will tell you “I love you mommy” you are or have considered aborting. PLEASE know I am praying for you too.I want to point out to all who are “pro-choice” that “glob of cells” you think are not special only make one unique child that will never have the chance to exist again. I dare any of you here to tell me “Mom, I wish you would have aborted me” ” I am sorry for making your life inconvenient” , ” mom, I wish you would have not given me the choices I have were stupid for having me..”. You are all hypocrites for the very life you are living right now was your mothers choice! she gave you the right to stand here and complain and discuss killing a “Unique” being a baby that will no longer have your choice. BTW…just to let you know those cells are living and there is no magic step to bypass a baby’s growth and “poof” they magically appear as a baby at 28 weeks or later. Everyone around you was at that stage and that baby is alive. You are aware that having an abortion can damage a woman’s reproductive organs and there is the chance she/You may not be able to have children later in life “when it is convenient”…I had a choice in my family when the doctor gave us that option because he said” the fetus may have Spina- might consider an abortion..” but we choose to keep our baby. So many women want the chance to have a baby. YOU look around and point to any child and tell me they are not worth letting live!…that’s the option you are Pro-Choosing. Unless the woman’s life is in danger abortion is the most selfish act a human being can make and if you have had one and you don’t feel hurt in some way by having it..then I can show you what kind of parent you would have been. I am married to a wonderful woman and have three children of my own and I do not regret having them or loving them in any way. And one “I love you..” and a hug from your own flesh and blood will let you know you made the right decision on keeping that BABY. Children are worth putting everything you live into it.

  17. Gina
    Posted May 7, 2014 at 8:31 pm | Permalink

    I heard such emptiness coming from your words. I forgive you for this act as God would want me too. To me as a believer I know morally that all life comes from God…..I don’t know if you are a religious person or even a moral person but until your life spins out of control through what you do to your mind, the body or your soul, then will truth be revealed.
    May God send HIS love and peace to you.

  18. Thomas McKee
    Posted May 8, 2014 at 2:37 pm | Permalink

    I don’t see the problem in what she did. I have always been pro-choice. She even says she wasn’t ready for mother hood. So would you prefer that she had the baby not being financially stable to support it. I feel that a baby is something that should be carefully planned. But I don’t believe that people should use abortions as birth control. One abortion won’t kill the world. The world’s over populated as it is. So before you down someone got making what they think is the right decision try walking in there shoes.
    Love each other and support each other.

    • Kate
      Posted May 12, 2014 at 2:34 pm | Permalink

      You act like the only options are abortion or PTA membership. Adoption exists for a reason. And things happen to is that throw our lives out of wack. I am financially independent, but on a pretty tight budget. I have no family to fall back upon. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I wasn’t “ready” to be a cancer patient, but I had to. There were ways for me to make it, and so I did. If a child is thrown in your life unexpectedly, you can’t just get rid of it because you want to. And it was (99% p the time) your fault anyway. Grow up and take care of your child. It may not be comfortable or easy, but it can be done.
      Adoption is ALWAYS preferable to abortion.
      I’m sure the kid you much rather be in the system than be DEAD.

  19. angela
    Posted May 8, 2014 at 6:51 pm | Permalink

    This video shows her in the grief process explaining how she feels numb. And like the blog says, she admits several times that her baby is a baby.

  20. Regina
    Posted May 9, 2014 at 1:44 pm | Permalink

    Dear Emily,
    As a woman who had an abortion as a teenager, scared, and not having any options told or given to me, convinced by my mother that it was “no big deal”, and either I did it that day or could go right back to the man that had beaten me so many times, locked me in our room, among other things. The last time I was at the hospital, it was from a rather bad beating, and that was when I was told I was pregnant. I was flipping TERRIFED! I called a few friends one of those precious days when I wasn’t locked in the room and we planned; then executed said plan one evening. I drove home to mom. Bruised, busted lip, broken ribs, and completely ashamed. She told me not to worry about it. She was there and everything was going to be just fine. We went to the beach, it was Mothers Day weekend. Monday morning, she woke me up and told me I was being brought to the dr. for a check up. It was the day after Mother’s Day. I wasn’t brought to the doctor. At that time, the law was that you had to wait 3 days after signing up for the abortion. I thought-great I have three days to talk her out of this. But she’d paid someone off. There was no 3 days for me. As we sat in that office, I begged her not to make me do this. She told me that I didn’t HAVE to. but that if I didn’t, I’d either be on the street or I’d have to go back to him. I wish I had been stronger; I wish my faith had been stronger, but no… I know that I’ve been forgiven, and The Lord has given me two beautiful children that I’m most blessed to have. (BTW- both if them she told me “get rid of it when I told her I was pregnant) Mother’s Day was a reminder of the horrid emotionally & physically painful mistake I’d made. Five years later, after having my daughter, but not really able to enjoy the Mother’s Day b/c of my most depraved act all those years ago (11 years by this time) the Lord gave me my son the day b4 Mothers Day , and I felt in my heart that He was telling me, “Regina, STOP. I’ve forgiven you. It’s past time you forgave yourself”… I now enjoy Mothers Day with the kiddies. They’re hysterical. I’m so thankful I never “got rid of it”.
    What hurt and upset me most about your film is that it only showed how excited you were to be able to make a life then take it away. It showed nothing of what your BABY went through as he/she was cut up and sucked out by a vacuum. You may not have been ready or wanted to have a child, despite your awe that you’re able to make a life, there is always the option of adoption. Sure, you could say the same of me, but I had no information about that, I was just 18, had been sheltered my whole life, and the baby’s father never would have signed paper work. As it is, throughout the last 20 years, he still stalks me to an extent. Never enough to get him arrested, but just enough to terrify me. So, I see no reason for your rejoicing in your ability to create life, then videoing how awesome it is that you can have the LIFE sucked out b/c it’s early enough in your pregnancy and legally able to do it. Tell me, something, did you write this blog to convince others or yourself?

    May The Lord be with you, He loves you so much, truly and completely, and I pray that you accept His love 100%
    I pray many blessings over you. You have a true gift of being able to reach people with your words; with all of that being said and with my love, I pray for peace and love over you… today, tomorrow and always

  21. Crissy Marker
    Posted May 12, 2014 at 7:49 pm | Permalink

    May God Bless the baby you aborted and keep the baby safe in his arms

  22. Traci Davidson
    Posted May 15, 2014 at 9:00 pm | Permalink

    There are too many self-proclaimed Catholics who are pro-abortion which is totally against the church’s beliefs. I really get upset when I see/read these claims. Being Catholic myself, I am against the sin of abortion etc. But I also believe that all people need to be loved. Hate the sin, love the sinner.

    • Traci Davidson
      Posted May 15, 2014 at 9:01 pm | Permalink

      Or should I say WE are against it.

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