This is the generation that will abolish abortion

The courage of the few can shatter the silence of cowardice in the face of evil.

Andy Moore – Photo by Brice Griffin

The silence of those who know the truth is deafening. The apathy towards abortion—from a generation that prides itself in its enlightenment towards other social justice issues—is a badge of dishonor. The simple fact that we allow the chambers of death to exist is evidence that we are cowards in an hour that begs for courage.

Sometimes silence can actually sound louder than words; it can speak volumes about the state of a culture. We have seen this all too many times in the past when cultures and societies have allowed a lie to redefine the value and worth of a human person. We have seen the very image of God, his heritage re-categorized as a sub human. We have also seen the devastating effect of silence in the face of these evils.

The excuses that spew out of the mouths of God’s people are deplorable. To think that a people who have heard the Gospel of Christ and been set free by the sacrifice of his death and resurrection, could ignore the cries of the most vulnerable, is simply mind-boggling.

Comfort seems to be a drug: an addiction that is so powerful it can silence and blind a generation who otherwise seems to care about injustice. It is easy to feed the hungry, get water for the thirsty or clothe the naked. There is no resistance to these acts of justice. The enemy is not fighting tooth and nail to oppose and destroy this work as he is with the abolition of abortion. When we realize what abortion actually is, we must choose to be silent and comfortable, or step out of that comfort into a battle that will stretch and test us.

Many will ask if they are called to step into this battle, and most will say no. The only question you have to ask yourself to figure out if you are called to be a voice and take a stand against abortion is, “Am I alive?” The fact that you are living in a nation that systematically slaughters thousands of her citizens a day is compulsion enough to rise up against this evil. The fact that you are alive means that you are called to love your neighbor as yourself, as God commands us to do.

What are we really afraid of? What can happen to us if we decide to heed the call to love our neighbor as ourselves?

While our culture is shifting towards a realization that abortion is truly a holocaust the likes of which we have never seen before, standing against this evil brings much opposition.  I have seen this first hand as I have been attacked mentally, spiritually and physically. I have even faced death threats for the work I have done and been thrown in jail for peacefully praying in front of the doors to the abortion mills.

But what have I lost? Nothing of any real importance in light of what these children are losing by the thousands every day. In all reality I have nothing to lose that will mean anything in the end but I have everything to gain.

Replace the word “abortion” with any other vile act and there would be no argument. Slavery, child molestation, rape… If our government paid for, protected and called any of these “a right,” there would be rioting in the streets and an uprising for justice that could not be ignored.

Kate Prain – Photo by Mary Kimball

We would not consider the cost or what people thought about us if someone opened a business that molested children and we spoke out against it. Think about this: there was a time in our own nation when our black brothers and sisters were treated as property and it was unpopular to speak out against this evil. However because of the courage of the few in that hour, we now live in a nation which abhors slavery and would never allow it to take root again.

We are in that hour my friends, the crucial moment when you must ask yourself what you are made of. What does the sacrifice of Christ actually mean to you? Think about this vital truth from the Word of God. “I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I that live, but Christ living in me: and that life which I now live in the flesh I live in faith, the faith which is in the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself up for me.” – Galatians 2:20

God gave His Son for us, for our salvation. He gives us the very breath we breathe and we have nothing to fear if we are in Him. Our lives are not our own, but His and it is time that we lived them for Him and all of His heritage. The time is now to raise your voice and Stand True. The time is now. This is the hour to abandon a worldly cowardice and stand with Godly courage to end the abortion holocaust.

Bryan Kemper


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    This article cuts through the hypocrisy of the liberal “compassion” that concerns itself with social cares, all except abortion, euthanasia, contraception, or worse, endorses and in some cases insists on these latter destroyers of lives. It’s more about this: “If you’re trying to prove your heart is in the right place, it isn’t.” I won’t judge the mind and heart of anyone individually; but there is a trend that fits the bill on that keen observation by philosophy professor David Schmidtz (as cited by William Voegeli in “The Case Against Liberal Compassion,” IMPRIMIS,, October 2014). Feeling good may be part of the problem, worth examining. Doing right, despite being attacked, now that’s something else. And do we need more of it!

  3. Reginald Smith
    Posted November 13, 2014 at 8:53 pm | Permalink

    Well written Bryan.
    You’ve said what I’m always saying.
    I have yet to hear a logical “pro-choice” argument.
    I especially agree with this:
    “Replace the word “abortion” with any other vile act and there would be no argument. Slavery, child molestation, rape… If our government paid for, protected and called any of these “a right,” there would be rioting in the streets and an uprising for justice that could not be ignored.”

  4. Katarina Zeljkovich
    Posted December 6, 2014 at 7:25 am | Permalink

    What a well done, and beautifully written article. I have been attacked by ppl numerous times in defending the innocent who do not have a voice. I’ve been compared to a rapist, a child abuser, by some of these pro-abortion activists. They can spit on me, call me names. Say whatever they like, but in the end I will not back down and I will continue to fight for the unborn. God bless. 🙂

  5. Posted December 21, 2014 at 6:10 pm | Permalink

    Pro-Life all the way!!! Saving babies and their Mother”s!! 🙂

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