This is the generation that will abolish abortion

If abortion is health care, then rape is aggressive flirting – new graphics

Two new graphics to use.


  1. Kalcon
    Posted March 12, 2012 at 4:39 pm | Permalink

    We need Obama out of office.

  2. Rita
    Posted March 17, 2012 at 1:58 am | Permalink

    Bryan, you need to listen. You need to listen to people who have abortions. While you have a lot of spiritual feelings, you have no sense of what an abortion actually is.

    Women are the holders of life. As such, we are the sex responsible for determining if and when to bring children into this world through our bodies. All life is a gift. And there is no greater love than that of a mother for her children. This includes a woman’s decision to not bring a child into this world after learning she is pregnant.

    Abortion is not punitive.

    You are misguided in your ministries & need to learn to listen.

    I encourage you to focus ALL of your pro-life outreach onto men to END RAPE. It is pro-life to respect women. It is pro-life to end the horror that is rape. It is pro-life to teach men to be non-violent. It is pro-life to prevent the need for abortion, by ending rape.

    Stop invading women’s spaces, decisions, energies without first asking if you can come in.

    • Cynthia
      Posted June 20, 2012 at 4:02 pm | Permalink


      You either believe that God is who He says He is or you don’t, that He is in total control or you don’t, and that He values all life. Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart”.

      While rape is an awful evil, like all abortions, God is capable of using any situation for His glory. A victim of rape did not ask to get pregnant, nor did that child ask to be a result of it. Adoption is the alternative to keeping the child, not murder. Abortion ends all chances of the child being used for God’s glory. I find it hard to believe a woman will end her child’s life based on love alone, especially in a situation when it’s not convient or ideal to be pregnant or even if the child has birth defects.

      There is no greater love than of God’s for His people. That includes His ability to heal a victim of rape and forgive the choice for abortion. All life is a gift from God, and He gave women the responsibility to be “holders of life”. Of course we have the choice to go outside of His will, but if and when we get pregnant is not our decision alone. Or else there would be no such thing as unplanned pregnancies.

      By no means am I trying to discredit the horrors of being raped. It is disgusting, disrespectful, evil. And if a woman learns she is pregnant by its means she must feel even more pain and anger, and I’m sure it triggers depression. The decision to have the child is not easy, but rarely is the right decision easy.

      Without suffering there would be no need for a Savior.

      • Ben
        Posted July 4, 2012 at 7:52 pm | Permalink


        I believe you may need to educate yourself on what abortion is and what it does to women after they have one no matter if it was for rape or convenience. By the sound of your post it seems you agree having an abortion is ending a life. You rationalize it by giving the women sole responsibility of the choice to bring that life to the world or kill the life. A majority of abortions are done because of inconvenience than for rape or incest. No matter, abortion is a very voilent act. Women who were raped already have endured a unwilling brutal and discusting voilence against there body so having an abortion only adds to the agony.

    • Becca
      Posted July 14, 2012 at 12:49 am | Permalink


      I’ll take that bait. I’ve had an abortion. It’s been about 5 1/2 yrs and NOTHING, I repeat NOT ONE GOOD THING came from it. I had a wonderful life before but I can’t have that life anymore because I am forever changed and have scars on my heart from the battle I’ve fought. I felt that I should be grieving for the loss of my child but society does not allow for that since it was me who took that life. Imagine the pain and heartbreak suffered by a mother who loses their child. Now think about how it must feel to have all of that sorrow directed at yourself. I spent days in bed at a time. I didn’t even go outside for months. It was a private grieving without a friend in the world to open up to. And it’s not finished. There are still times where I become very depressed, though I have not tried to take my own life in the past year or so (you see, that is an improvement). I still feel some level of pain from that experience every single day, even though I have managed to block the day from my memory. This past Mother’s Day was particularly rough. I have no idea why. I’m holding back tears right now because I know that they won’t make it better. I found out a couple of months ago that since I had an abortion, I am now twice as likely to get breast cancer. It also runs in my family so I expect to hear that diagnosis one day. I know that God has forgiven me, but it’s much harder for me to forgive myself. You are so very wrong to bring rape into the discussion as if it justifies anything. The Supreme Court ruled that a rapist cannot be given the death penalty, yet the innocent child conceived through it can be. I am willing to bet that the baby, if given the choice, would want to live. If the mother feels that they are too weak to rise above the crime committed upon them to raise their child, there are so many loving couples that cannot have their own children and would be more than willing to adopt that child. You see, unwanted does not describe a baby or anything about it but rather it describes how the mother feels about her baby. I was raped over 10 yrs ago. It did not result in a pregnancy but I have found it much easier to heal after my rape than after having an abortion. I don’t think I will ever truly be completely healed from that because I have a baby up in heaven that holds a piece of my heart and it will be that way until I die.

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