This is the generation that will abolish abortion

Isabella was conceived 6 years ago this week and she is a gift from God, NOT a product of rape. A story of courage in a tragic situation.

Once in a while we get random people contacting us because they live locally and want to come by the office to get a t-shirt. When Lauran came in with Isabella I could not help but smile. Isabella is such a beautiful young lady who lights up any room. You would never know that such a little princess is a rare survivor of a culture who would actually tell her mom that she would be better off having her “terminated.”

The world would call Isabella a product of rape. President Obama would refer to her as a “punishment.” Planned Parenthood would say she was nothing more then a blob of tissues and happily dispose of her for several hundred dollars.

I call Isabella a child of God, His heritage. I want to share with you Isabella and Lauran’s story of courage and healing. The next time you hear someone say they are against abortion except in cases of rape, think about little Isabella and understand that she is a child, not an exception.

Read what Lauran and Isabella both have to say:


I was your ordinary girl, ready to start my senior year in high school. And like most high school girls I was thinking about things like Friday night football games, which college I would get into, and finishing off the year walking across the stage getting my hard earned diploma. Making choices that only affected me. Little did I know, there was someone out there thinking only of himself and about to make a selfish choice that was going to affect me for the rest of my life.

One month into my senior year of high school, I found out that through one boy’s selfish desires, and lack of respect for me, I was pregnant, through rape. The next eight months were filled with obstacles to overcome, acceptance of dreams that might not come true, and the reality that I had to complete what I started in order to get my diploma in spite of my situation.

Twelve weeks into my pregnancy, I came face to face with my little girl as I had my first ultrasound. Wow! It was at that very moment that I knew I was destined to be her mommy and she was destined to be my daughter. Abortion was never an option for me, but it was at this moment that I truly realized why. Life is a precious, sacred gift and it is not ours to choose whether life should end because of inconvenience or because of the circumstance of conception. I learned something so valuable in those eight months. I was not the person outsiders assumed I was. I was stronger than I ever knew possible. I had developed the heart of a mommy.

In spite of the circumstances of her conception, I began to realize that my daughter was not a creation of violence, she was a gift from God, the creator of life. It was that realization that changed my perspective completely. One week after graduation Isabella Grace came into the world. I thought I had been strong for the past 9 months but I had no idea how much stronger I would become because of this beautiful little girl. I have taken on obstacles that girls my age couldn’t imagine having to face and I have come out on top. It’s not because of my strength alone, but it is God who gives me strength, every minute of everyday. Alone, I could not do this.


I love my mom. I love my whole family. I think its cool that I have just my mom. I’m God’s princess and I love him so much. He’s my heavenly father. He’s the King of the whole world.

Abortion is never a necessary evil.

Bryan Kemper



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  2. Marcie Stammen
    Posted September 25, 2014 at 2:02 pm | Permalink

    I am crying, what a beautiful story, you are a true inspiration. I pray God continue to Bless you and your beautiful daughter beyond measure.

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    You are indeed an inspiration and God’s limitless mercy, endless love and abundant grace will be with you and your daughter forever; for you have chosen to please God and not human.

    May this your uncommon courage continue to inspire people both young and old to always please God at all times even in the moment of great difficulty and unstable conditions… Kudos

  4. Victoria Lindeman
    Posted September 26, 2014 at 12:48 pm | Permalink

    That was breath taking, I can not imagine what it’s like to got through something like that.
    God works everything out for good.
    My God Bless you!

  5. Samuel Mullis
    Posted September 27, 2014 at 5:00 am | Permalink

    Even while evil is attempting to destroy, God is creating miracles. This wonderful story of a miracle child created by God in spite of the forces of evil helped me to understand that a child of rape is still a miracle from God and should be cherished as all children should be cherished. Thanks for the story.

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  7. Carl
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    This is a great story but I’m not sure whether it would change my views on abortions due to rape. I just keep wondering if my little sister God forbid was raped if I could tell her she should absolutely not go through with one or blame her if she did. I am just conflicted.

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      Moms who are pregnant because of rape are in very difficult situations and we know that it is hard. But what we all have to remember is that every child is created in God’s image, no matter how that child was conceived. We admire this mother because she chose to see her child for what she is: a gift and a symbol of hope in a terrible situation. Some people like to try to make us all believe the lie that a child causes a woman more trauma after the traumatic event of a rape. What Lauren realizes is that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Isabella is the good that came out of an evil act. On the other hand, mothers who have abortions after rape are often even more traumatized by the death of their child- that is when one evil is added to another, not when a beautiful, perfect little baby is given to the woman. That is why we can plead with moms to chose life in every situation: we want to protect her child from physical destruction and the mother from any additional trauma and emotional destruction.

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