This is the generation that will abolish abortion


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    I voted no, since the TIME list appears to be honorary. In another sense, though, Cecile Richards is unquestionably influential. “Influence” is not inherently a good thing– it’s all in how you use your influence. All the children who Planned Parenthood has killed during Richards’ tenure, all the mothers harmed physically and psychologically, all the conscience-numbing propoganda… she’s influential, all right. Just like Hitler was influential.

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    I agree Kelsey, I just want her to not be on the list.

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      I know.
      We’ve bumped her down to #55!

  3. Katlyn
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    I found it very interesting that when I posted my vote and had to enter the captcha, the first word I had to enter was LIFE. Just like that, all caps.

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    If you have YOUR OWN DNA at Conception, and YOUR OWN HEARTBEAT LESS THAN a month later, what are the Atheists’ excuse??? Because, last time *I* checked, TWO sets of DNA, and TWO heartbeats, did NOT equal ONE human being in ANY court of law.

    If God knew you BEFORE He formed you in the womb, you had YOUR OWN SOUL at Conception as well. With that said, what are the Christians’ and Jews’ excuse??? More importantly, could one REALLY be a Christian or Jew if they believed in a woman’s “right to choose”??? Because, this goes beyond the ACT of abortion, it’s the very BELIEFS that surround the Pro-Abortion ideology that are UNChristian and UNJewish. As far as Christianity is concerned, if you don’t believe Abortion is Murder, you don’t believe it’s a Sin. If you don’t believe it’s a Sin, you’re not going to be Apologetic. If you’re not Apologetic, you’re not going to ask for Forgiveness. If you’re not going to ask for Forgiveness, there won’t be Redemption… See where I’m going with this??? It’s the Beliefs, NOT the Acts, that begs this question.

    By the way, the same thing could be said of ANOTHER *ahem* “controversial” *ahem* issue.

    Just sayin’…

    • Teresa
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      I am getting a little sick of everyone talking about “what are atheists problem?” There are thousands possibly millions of PRO-LIFE atheists. They understand the basic scientific fact that life begins at conception. I understand you have your beliefs but they are entitled to theirs as well. God gave us free will for a reason. I think it would help our cause greatly if they would show up at rallies with us, for every sign that says “atheists for pro-choice” I would love to have an “atheists for pro-life” as well. All the pro aborts keep doing is blaming catholics for pushing their religious views and we need to show them there are people who believe in so many different things but all agree that baby’s in the womb have the same right to life we all do. It’s not about religion or views it’s about basic human rights.

  5. Briana
    Posted April 7, 2011 at 11:24 am | Permalink

    Theresa i am with you dear – it is a basic human right. I think that pro-choice wants to make it a religious vs atheist thing though, sort of like a red-herring and if they can get people arguing about religion and they dismiss religion than it makes it seem like the religious pro-life argument is invalid. I think that they think that if atheist get on board with pro-life then they are screwed – then their “you’re a crazy religious zealot” argument goes right out the window. I think that your voice is VERY important and for you to stand up and speak is great to the cause, you are the voice that they want to quiet the most. I never address religious issues when talking with them for this very reason.

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