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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow dehumanizes Attorney, Pro-life Speaker and Rebecca Kiessling, referring to her as “The rapist’s Child”

Attorney Rebecca Kiessling Responds to Attack from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow

WASHINGTON, June 9, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ — The following is submitted by Rebecca Kiessling Pro-life Speaker, Attorney:

Last night, Rachel Maddow went on a rant against my recent “Conceived in Rape Tour” for Personhood Mississippi. Once again, she ignorantly referred to children like me as being “the rapist’s child.”

First of all, I am not the rapist’s child! He doesn’t even know of my existence, as in most rape cases. And what an insult to the majority of rape victims who not only choose life for their child, but choose to raise their child — after everything they’ve been through, Maddow has the audacity to refer to the rape victim’s child as being “the rapist’s child”?! The ones who abort are four times more likely to die within the next year. If you truly have compassion for a rape victim, you’d want to protect her from the abortion and not the baby! A baby is not the worst thing that could ever happen to a rape victim — an abortion is.

To be pro-woman is to recognize that women are much stronger than they are given credit for, and to understand that a baby is not the scary enemy. No woman has to be afraid of a baby!

Rachel Maddow is the one who is extreme because she’s against the death penalty for rapists, but supports the death penalty for the innocent child who happened to be conceived in rape. That’s extreme! However, I did not miss the fact that she failed to mention that the “Conceived in Rape” tour involved a real human being — and I’m a woman no less!

My birthmother did not choose life for me. She chose abortion. But pro-life advocates in Michigan chose life for me by making sure abortion was illegal in Michigan, even in cases of rape. They are my heroes and I owe my life to them! My near-death experience is very real. I feel like I was saved from a burning building and as I have the opportunity to go back and save others, I most certainly will.

Despite wanting to abort me more than 4 decades ago, my birthmother is proud of me today, has shared her story alongside me, and is so thankful we were both protected from the abortion. I honor her and I bring her healing, which is why she and her husband legally adopted me last fall, 22 years from the day we met. But Rachel Maddow doesn’t have the heart to understand something so wonderful. She only pretends to care about women.

Rebecca Kiessling Pro-life Speaker, Attorney


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    As rape is an “acceptable” reason to so many people for a woman to have an abortion it would be amazing to have the citation for the facts in this case to use in my arsenal! Being able to point someone to a study about mothers being 4x more likely to die after an abortion would be amazing in a case against abortion in the case of rape. Any help on that citation would be amazing! Thanks

  2. Terese Rachor Beste
    Posted June 9, 2011 at 8:19 pm | Permalink

    Beautiful apologetic.

  3. J Jorgensen
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    As a rape victim myself, if anyone had told me that I would have had to carry a baby, taking away my knowledge of myself & my strengths or weaknessses, is simply ignorant! Until you have walked in my shoes, you have nothing to say!

  4. Jill
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    I am very familiar with how it is to deal with being raped & a child being conceived from such a violent act. Not only once but twice. I knew my rapist. He was someone I once was in a friendship with. He showed such a sweet, kind personality. Everyone liked him. But when he realized I didn’t have the same intense feelings he had for me. Well it went south very, very fast.! It started slowly but still very intense in violence. My story is a long one, but with the fact that my own mom took his side over mine, just made it all worst. I was taken to get a abortion by other family members. It happened all so fast. They never even asked what I wanted to do or had any concern for me. Or so that is how it seemed. I walked away both times. Don’t know how I found the strength to so. I kept my children and was determined to keep them safe and alive. He felt we belonged to him, his property. well, I never regretted my decision to keep my children. I just trusted that god knew better then me. I have been to abortions with other women, I have seen what this has done to them. I know I made the correct decision. They actually saved me from me. I never saw them as my rapists children. Never! Just because I knew who he was and had him forced into my life. He never was a father or a dad and for whatever reasons, I never could see a connection where he was their father. I know the blood would say different. At first I never understood why I was given not only one but two children from such an ordeal. But I do believe I know these reasons now. For one it has become very clear to me to speak out against killing a fetus for any reason. It only tears your soul apart and you pay for it so dearly. I always followed the angels words. I know how crazy that all sounds. But if it was not for the angels telling me that it would be ok, things would work out. Then I have no idea how I would of been able to do what it took for me to have and raise my children. The gifts of life that saved my life.

  6. Jillian
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    I watched the video on Maddow’s website after reading this. I find it totally insane that abortion activists frame the abortion debate in the marginalizing and silencing of women, even calling it a “war on women.” How is that possible, even if there were only 1 woman in the world who opposed abortion (and we obviously know that there are many)? I am a pro-life woman. Does that mean I hate myself? Or am I simply under the control of my husband or father or brother or son or some clergyman? (I think that conclusion is more demeaning to women than anything.) I would love for someone pro-abortion to explain this to me…

    ps. Lynne, this website might help but I’m not sure. It’s linked from Rebecca’s page:

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    Rebecca is so amazing. I am so blessed to know her personally! What a beautiful woman! What an amazing mother! Her LIFE speaks in itself of the reasons why ANY abortion is gravely wrong. That she is also so naturally graceful and eloquent can only be a gift of the Holy Spirit. Long after Maddow falls from fame and her screeching subsides, the loving words of Rebecca defending the most vulnerable will ring in our minds and hearts.

  8. Kristina Johansson
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    Rebecca, or you, should really contact the Rachel Maddow Show and show this. You can also @maddow in a tweet and link to this article. Rebecca could even ask to be interviewed or submit her POV.

  9. Kevin Williams
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    God bless you Patricia for sharing your story. I have no doubt that when you had your children that you discovered that they were incredible gifts from God. That He put His stamp of approval on your choosing life in this situation by imparting extraordinary capacities of love and healing wisdom into your children. Correct me if i am wrong but this is a subject that is close to my heart because God met me on a lonely mountain road and revealed that He does exactly that. I have found that He was right. (Which shouldnt be too surprising!) He delights in proving the world wrong and stepping in and giving MORE grace when people go against the world and obey Him, even in and especially in tough situations like yours.
    Rebecca is living proof! She amazes me! ALL of God’s children amaze me! It is because we have an amazing God!

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