This is the generation that will abolish abortion

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio is using video of Stand True President, Bryan Kemper and his kids to raise money for abortion

NARAL Pro-choice Ohio has just released a fundraising letter with a video of Stand True activists confronting abortion mill owner Val Haskell. They lie about what happened and are trying to raise blood money with their lies, here is the actual account of what happened.

Last week, Martin Haskell, the notorious late term abortionist, had a court hearing for his bid to keep one of his two abortion mills open. He faced closure to failing to comply with Ohio law which requires him to have hospital transfer privileges. I along with several of my children, Stand True Interns and representatives from Created Equal, Ohio Right to Life, Cincinnati Right to Life, Dayton Right to Life and many local pro-life activists were there show the truth about what happens inside these death chambers.

Mark Harrington and I were in the courtroom for the entire hearing and heard Haskell’s lawyers explain that he was too afraid to appear in court, yet he sent his wife instead. COWARD!

Val Haskell, the wife of the abortionist and co-owner of the abortion mill left the court room and was greeted by Mark and me where we gently and graciously pleaded with her to repent and turn to Christ. At one point I asked her how, as a self pro-claimed Christian, she justified killing babies and she told me to “read the bible”. Mark and I walked with her outside the courthouse and continued to plead with her to turn to Christ and to shut down her modern day Auschwitz.

I am posting the video that NARAL is using to raise funds for abortion and then the video that my daughter took of the same incident.

I would hope that people would donate to the work of Stand True who are actually working to save lives, not take lives. Stand True is the organization who actually cares about women while NARAL represents the actual war on women.

Watch both videos and then let NARAL know you will be giving to Stand True to help them defeat the war on women and abolish abortion in America. I am also including the text of their fundraising letter after the videos:

Counter their blood money with a donation to Stand True: Can you donate $25, $50, $100, $500to make sure Stand True can continue to educate, activate and equip this generation to end abortion? – If you can donate please do so at  - Donations can also be mailed to Stand True – PO Box 890 – Troy, OH 45373 or call 937-570-0671 to donate by phone.

NARAL’s Version

Stand True’s Version


Last week, I sat in a Hamilton County courtroom as Judge Metz ruled that Dr. Haskell’s clinic in Cincinnati would be forced to close. It was a sad day for people not only in the Cincinnati area, but those in Indiana and Kentucky that rely on this clinic for access to safe, legal abortion care.

Today the clinic announced they will end their legal battle and stop doing surgical abortions in their Cincinnati Clinic. Now that this clinic has been forced to stop providing surgical abortion services Gov. Kasich will certainly start moving to close the last remaining clinic in the area. Donate today to help us fight back and protect abortion access in Cincinnati and across the state.

What happened inside the courtroom on Friday wasn’t the only story. We had more than 50 pro-choice activists outside the courthouse, showing their support for abortion access and speaking out against the Kasich Administration’s attacks on our providers. These activists stood tall even as they were harassed and screamed at by anti-choice protestors.  

But the anti-choice bullies didn’t stop there. Not content with winning their battle in court, they harassed Dr. Haskell’s wife, Val, all the way to the parking lot, telling her she was going to hell, and that she was the same as Hitler. You can see it for yourself here:I was glad I was there to escort Val out of the courtroom, to put myself between her and these bullies. No one should be harassed for providing or accessing medical care. This is why I am asking for your donation today. Your gift of $5, $25, or $50 will help us protect abortion access in our state.

Your support today will make sure we have the resources we need to continue fighting these battles in the statehouse and in courtrooms across Ohio.

Yours in Choice,

Jaime Miracle
Policy Director, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio

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BREAKING NEWS From Operation Rescue: Another Abortion Mill Closing in OHIO. Haskell Won’t Appeal Court Ruling!

Our friends at Operation Rescue just posted this:

Also watch Mark Harrington and Bryan Kemper confront the abortion mills owner and wife of the child killer at the courthouse last week.

Cincinnati, OH — Attorneys for Martin Haskell’s Sharonville abortion facility have announced that they will not appeal a ruling issued last week by Judge Jerome Metz upholding the Ohio Department of Health’s closure order. Haskell must cease surgical abortions his Sharonville office by Friday, August 22, 2014.

“This is such a huge victory for all who respect life and the rule of law,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, which worked with Greater Cincinnati Right to Life to expose Haskell’s abortion abuses. “Haskell had the attitude that he was above the law and deserved to operate under a different standard as everyone else. Today, the law has prevailed.”

Haskell operated for years under a variance issued by the ODH that allowed him to continue operating as long as he maintained an approved agreement with two physicians to supply hospital care for women injured during abortions done by Haskell in Sharonville. However, Haskell continually changed the agreement without notifying the ODH. The physicians he had agreements with were a troubled lot that case doubt on whether they could supply adequate hospital care for patients.

The ODH declined to renew Haskell’s variance in January and revoked his facility license. Haskell appealed the decision, but lost every step of the way.

Haskell has operated in the Cincinnati area for 32 years. Over the past 18 months, nearly half of Ohio’s abortion facilities have closed.

“When the authorities enforce the law, abortion clinics close,” said Newman. “This just shows that abortion facilities, including Haskell’s, operate at such a low standard that women are endangered at them every day. The state is fulfilling their duty to protect the public by shutting down abortion businesses that can’t comply with the law.”


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Pro-life Challenge Alternative – Change Your Facebook Profile Picture

Attention: I will NOT be doing the ice bucket challenge. I will however issue a challenge that is easier, faster and you won’t get wet. I challenge my friends to change their Facebook profile pictures to this one AND make a $25 donation to Stand True by clicking donate at the top of this site to help us educate, activate and equip this generation to be the generation that will abolish abortion. Please change your profile pic today, then click donate.

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Pleading With The Abortionist’s Wife

Today Mark Harrington and I plead with Late Term Abortionist Martin Haskell’s Wife, a co-owner of his abortion mills. She pro-claimed that abortion was justified in the bible and that I needed to repent and turn to Christ.

Bryan Kemper

Here is the video.

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Teen sign language interpreter at Planned Parenthood asked to interpret an abortion – Her heartbreaking testimony

I was eighteen when I took a job as a sign language interpreter at Planned Parenthood. I was raised Roman Catholic, but I was Catholic in the same way that Olive Garden is an authentic Italian restaurant: just because you throw some fancy words on the menu doesn’t make it genuine. For me, abortion was not a choice that I would make personally, but the way I saw it, who was I to judge another woman for having one? I didn’t know her life. I didn’t know her circumstances, and I had prided myself my whole life on not judging people without knowing their full story.

A deaf friend referred me to the job opening at a Boston clinic, and it paid well. I averaged about $100 an hour for my services! That’s all it was to me, a job to make money for my upcoming college tuition. I didn’t work often, maybe one or two days a week, and traveled around to the Boston-area clinics when needed. For the most part, I interpreted for women seeking counseling, getting prescriptions for birth control, or just getting general information about sexual health. It all seemed innocent enough.

Deep down, however, I must have known I was doing something wrong. I told people I worked for a “family services counseling center.” I figured that wasn’t completely a lie. The trouble was, most people took that to mean that I was going into the world and doing good: interpreting for families living in poverty, or families who were trying to keep themselves together. Despite the fact that Planned Parenthood offered all kinds of services, in the back of my mind I knew that at the root of it they really were just an abortion clinic.

The worst day of my life—and an anniversary I never forget when it comes every year—is Thursday, November 1, 2012. I was called in to interpret for a “medical procedure.” I arrived early, and chatted with the receptionist as I did every day. I grabbed a cup of coffee and waited for the client to arrive. While I waited, I went over her file. I’ll call her Kate. She was twenty-three and had been deaf since birth. Kate estimated that she was about eighteen weeks pregnant.

At 10:30 sharp, we entered the operating room. That’s when my stomach started to turn. Previously, when I’d read “medical procedure,” it had been for ultrasounds. But this was different – we were in an OR. The lights were too bright for the size of the room. There were cold-looking metal objects on a table. I was in an abortion.

I tried to remain calm. I interpreted back and forth, but when the murder began, I lost it. As I watched the doctor pull this life out, limb by limb, I couldn’t help but let the tears start to fall. What I had thought would be just lumps of blood clots were body parts. Arms, a torso, legs, and a head. I felt as if I was suffocating. As soon as it was over, I ran from the room. I collapsed in the hallway and sobbed uncontrollably. To this day, I haven’t cried like that since. A security guard rushed me into his office. I realize now that it was probably not to console me, but because I was scaring the patients.

I quit my job that afternoon. I went into the manager’s office and signed my papers. Abortion was not a strong enough word for what I had witnessed. Murder wasn’t even good enough a word. To me, murder implied that the person might have been capable of fighting back. No, this was a slaughter.

I don’t think I will ever fully recover from what I saw that day. A human life, a BABY, had been ripped from its mother’s body, piece by piece. It is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing I think of before I go to bed. I still have nightmares about it sometimes. Whenever I see a child around two, I imagine that that is how old the aborted baby would be now. I can’t help but wonder who that baby would have become. Maybe she would have been an artist. Maybe he would have dreamed of being a firefighter. Maybe she would have gone on to become a doctor who saved lives; maybe he would have become a teacher.

With counseling, I have come to accept that God forgives me for the act that I was a part of, but I am still working on forgiving myself. The only thing that consoles me on the nights that it keeps me up is knowing that that baby is now in Heaven, enjoying Eternal Life. After what this world put it through, I think that’s a good place to be.

-Hope, 21

Abortion recovery resources

Silent No More

Rachel’s Vineyard

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Abortion cannot be stopped. Really? How big is your God?

“Abortion cannot be stopped.” That is what a man said to me as I was coming out of Mass with the Stand True Mission Team and the walkers from Crossroads Pro-life Walks Across America.

You may be kind of surprised that I would hear this from someone coming out of church but it is not that uncommon. Pessimism coupled with apathy permeates in our churches and people who claim to follow Christ.

I told him that many people said that slavery would never be made illegal back in the 1800s. He just ignored that and continued to argue that abortion will never be outlawed. I tried to explain to him that this generation is waking up to the truth about the abortion holocaust and that this would be the generation that will abolish abortion.

He almost seemed annoyed with us for having the audacity to believe such a thing. He told us that he follows history and that is why he knows abortion will never be outlawed.  I told him to look at biblical history and see what God can do.

He just kept repeating that abortion will never be outlawed and I finally asked him, “How big is your God?”

I find it amazing that so many people who call themselves Christians cannot believe in God to do mighty things. I am appalled at how much we limit the God of the Universe, the very God who created the universe.

I see this kind of thing in so many aspects of our Christian life; we seem to fail to understand how much we can call on God. I see this in what I call “Jesus junk”; t-shirts, mugs and so many other items with very un-creative artwork. People seem to think if they just slap the name Jesus on something it will honor God. God is the Creator of the Universe and we fail to call on him and be creative.

Christianity is not just some club. God is not just a figurehead. Church is not just a place to meet people and have potlucks. We need to start to understand the power of prayer and what God will do when His people actually believe and act.

I have seen the power of God first-hand. I have seen His miraculous ways even before I was a Christian. During my drug days a friend warned me that someone was going to kill me at a drug deal. That night after avoiding that deal I was lying down in the back of my pick-up truck where I lived. I saw a man approach my truck and lift the door to the camper shell and point a gun at my head. He looked me in the eyes for a moment and then put the gun away and walked off.

A few months later, after everything had blown over with this guy, I saw him at a party. I talked to him and asked him why he did not shoot me that night? He seemed shocked and told me that when he looked into my truck he did not see me; he saw an empty bed. God literally made me invisible to this guy.

I have seen His power and cannot understand how His people can be so pessimistic. God lifted me out of that pit of muck and mire, as it says in Psalms 40, He set my feet upon the solid rock. I know what God can do when we turn to Him and I believe very much that we can and will see abortion abolished.

Abortion remains legal by permission of men like the one we met after church. Abortion remains legal by permission of Christians who seem to forget that our God is the God who created the Universe. When God’s people will wipe the unbelief from their eyes, erase the fear from their hearts and break the chains of apathy, we will see an end to abortion.

So ask yourself this question: How big is your God?

If you really don’t think we can win this battle — if you really think it is ok to just sit on the sidelines while millions of innocent human beings are being slaughtered — I would suggest you might not really understand who God is. God is bigger than Roe vs Wade; He is bigger than the Supreme Court.

Now if His people would only believe this, we could end this holocaust.

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We Need Help Right Now – Please help us feed 15 Pro-life Missionaries

Stand True Mission Team meeting up with the Crossroads walkers

Update: In the first few hours we have already raised $1,890 towards our goal of $2,000. However we just got word the van’s shocks need to be replaced and we had to replace a tire which adds almost $500 to the expense for the month.

The Stand True Mission Team is about to hit the road for the last big trip of the summer, driving over 2,000 miles in ten days, and we need food and gas money.

Starting today we are actually hosting 9 pro-life missionaries from Crossroads Pro-life Walk Across America and feeding them for the next couple of days. We will be taking them to our local abortion mill for prayer with the Stand True Mission Team tomorrow morning and then walking several miles with them tomorrow.

We hit the road on Sunday morning with our first event being Monday Morning in New York City, where we will be praying at the main Planned Parenthood with some other pro-life groups. We will also spend a couple days getting training from Dr. Alveda King, Father Frank Pavone, Janet Morana and several other pro-life leaders. We will hit the road on Wednesday night for New Hampshire where we will be setting up our booth for three days of outreach at Soulfest. After Soulfest we will be heading to Buffalo, NY for a Stand True weekend with local pro-lifers with activism and speaking events before driving back to Ohio.

We need your help!

Eating on the road can get expensive as well as gas and an oil change for the van. All of these expenses start just a couple of days after paying all the monthly bills which makes your help even more crucial. We need to raise $2,00o for August, can you help us reach this goal?

Can you donate $25, $50, $100, $500 to help feed these amazing pro-life missionaries and keep them on the road? – If you can donate please do so at -

Donations can also be mailed to Stand True – PO Box 890 – Troy, OH 45373 or call 937-570-0671 to donate by phone.

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The Day My Mother Told Me About Her Abortion – Examining The Sibling Effect Of Abortion Grief.

Stand True recently published a story about a mom telling her children about her past abortion.  Today we are sharing that story from one of her daughters about the day she found out. Zoe had been working on this story to e-mail to her mom when her mother walked in and told her to clean her room, that is when Zoe clicked send.


We had just dropped my brother and sisters off at Faith Formation. It was a Wednesday evening: January 8, 2014. I would be 13 in just over two weeks.

My mom said, “Zoe, I need to talk to you. Let’s go in the meeting room.” I thought we were going to talk about puberty. I got nervous and fidgety. “Mama,” I kept saying, “I’m not ready for this talk. I don’t want to know about it.” We got to the conference room and Mama sat down. I sat a few chairs away. “Sit here please, Zoe,” she said. “I don’t want to,” I whined. “Zoe,” she said firmly, “sit next to me.” I reluctantly sat down next to her, dreading what she had to say. What she said next would change my life forever. “Zoe,” she said, “in December of 1998, I had an abortion.” I felt like I had been slapped in the face. My whole world was rocked. I wanted to puke, I wanted to cry, I wanted to run away and hide. This amazing person, someone I have looked up to my whole life, my pro-life inspiration, had had an abortion.

I stared at the glassy table where we were sitting. Mama was crying now. She told me how her boyfriend at the time had had a pregnant girlfriend before and how he said that he would “take care of it”. She told me how she had woken up after the abortion and thought how lucky she was to have such a great boyfriend. She told me she had gone crazy in the days after the abortion. She explained everything.

“Do you have any questions?” she asked. “No,” I said. “Do you forgive me?” she asked. “Yes,” I said. “Your big brother’s name is David,” she said. Big brother. For years I had been saying, “I wish I had an older brother or sister!” Now I knew that I had one. We sat in silence for a while. Mama called Fr. Rossi, our parish priest, and he joined us in our little meeting. This was when I learned that a lot of people had heard her testimony before. He told us that now would be a great time to visit Jesus in Adoration. I was so thankful it was Wednesday! We went into Adoration and prayed. We prayed and prayed and prayed. I’m not sure what Mama prayed about, but I prayed for understanding about what had just happened. I prayed a Rosary for David, that he was in Heaven praising God. That night, when everyone was at home, my mom was on her computer. She had just let me read her testimony, which had been published online. Jackson, my 7-year-old brother, saw the picture of Mama holding a sign that said, “I regret my abortion”. “Wait,” he said, “you had an abortion?” Mama’s face paled. “Yes,” she said. Then, returning to his homework, he asked, “How do you spell ‘Guido’?” Mama went along with it. “G-U-I-D-O”, she said. “I’m done with my homework!” Jack said, and he rushed upstairs. Later that night, Lily and Bella, my two sisters, were downstairs. Jack came downstairs and said, “Hey! Did you guys know Mama had an abortion?” “No she didn’t,” Lily said, “she just got her tubes tied!” She turned to Mama. “Wait,” she said slowly, “did you have an abortion?” Mama then started to have the same conversation with them she had had with me earlier. Jack started crying and ran upstairs. Lily and Bella were tearing up, too, but they listened to Mama’s story. I followed Jackson upstairs. I found him in bed, his head buried in his pillows, crying. I sat next to him, held him, tried to comfort him. Mama came in and took over for me.

The five of us were all in one place, everyone crying except for me. We prayed a little together, and then we went to bed. I was shaken for the next few days. I will never forget that experience, but I am kind of glad it happened. I have taken the pro-life movement even more seriously than before.

I want to be able to say I avenged my big brother David by abolishing abortion, and I am confident that I am part of the generation that will do that.

This is what I was doing when you told me to clean my room.



We know how much abortion hurts men and women but we don’t often think of the sibling effect of abortion. I remember many years ago, a young woman approached my booth at a music festival. She explained how she had bought a pro-life t-shirt from me the year before and wore it home from the festival. When her mom saw the shirt, she decided to tell her daughter that she had had an abortion many years ago. They were able to seek counseling and the mother found healing as did her daughter. She thanked me for the work we were doing and bought another t-shirt.

There are some amazing resources for anyone who is hurting from abortion.

Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries

Silent No More Awareness Campaign

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Special Thank you to our friend Brendan Malone for permission to post this story originally posted at

In this exclusive guest post, a friend shares the tragic true story of abuse within her marriage with unflinching honesty and courage, while asking the question: would her unplanned child have been better off aborted?

For obvious reasons, the author wishes to remain anonymous.

We’ve all heard the statistics about how sexual abuse is most likely to be perpetrated by a family member, and how high its incidence is in blended families. But, I’d never thought of us as being a ‘blended family’. I had a child out of wedlock, then married a Christian, then we had our own children.

We were just a normal family.

Until the day I found out that my husband had sexually abused my biological daughter, his step-daughter – even then, it still took me years to come to terms with the fact that we were a high-risk group for sexual abuse.

The revelation of my husband’s abuse of my daughter led to the disintegration and eventual end of our two decade marriage. It meant years of estrangement from my daughter, and a relationship that may never be healed. It meant that there would be no more family gatherings: my daughter has understandably not wanted to see my former husband for many years now.

So, the question could be asked, should I have aborted this child all those years ago, when I faced an unplanned pregnancy?

Was it worth bringing into the world a child who would be rejected by her natural father, and then emotionally and sexually abused by her step-father?

I’m asking that question now, because many people justify abortion on the grounds that a particular unborn child is deemed to have no future.

We hear that children born into lower socio-economic realms will become drug-users, criminals, thieves. We hear that children born into violent households will become victims of violence. And we hear that blended families have higher rates of sexual abuse than are found in traditional families.

The end result is that we are led to believe that if the future of an unplanned child is judged to be too difficult or challenging, then it is more humane to abort that little child to preserve him from a life of suffering.

Well, I have another question to ask; one that can be asked of every person in the world, regardless of their ‘planned-ness’.

Is every life worth living?

Is death preferable to never having lived?

Do all the sorrows of life outweigh the joys?

Is there never room for hope?

Is it worth the risk of experiencing tragic events, to be able to experience standing in the wind that precedes a thunder-storm? Or to experience the rays of the sun beating down on your skin?

Is it better to have never been born than to know what it’s like to love another person so deeply that you conceive a child together, that you can carry that child, that you can give birth in pain and elation?

Would it have been better to never see the light of day, if that meant you would never feel your own little child’s soft arm around your neck, or hold your newborn close and feed her with milk from your own body?

There is no case for abortion here.

My own little grandchildren are living proof of that.

Would I have had an abortion if I had known my child would be sexually abused?

No, because to deprive another human being of experiencing the joys of life, despite the suffering, is truly unthinkable.

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The continuing saga of Troy, OH vs. Stand True, the pro-life message and free speech.

If you have been following what Stand True has been going through in our home town of Troy, OH over free speech and sidewalk chalking today’s story will be of no surprise to you. For those who may not be familiar with the back story, our town has been harassing the Stand True missionaries for over a year now, trying to stop us and silence us here in Troy, OH.

Earlier this summer they actually passed a special law against us chalking for 4 days to try and keep us away from the Troy Strawberry Festival. Read about that at Stand True Mission Team takes Ohio by storm confronting Nancy Pelosi, Planned Parenthood and witnessing to 100,000 in one weekend.

You can also read about them threatening to arrest us - Update On Stand True Missionaries Threat of Arrest by Troy Police Today

Last night the Stand True mission team hit the streets of Troy, OH to chalk around the City Council building and the Troy, Police Department. We chalked our usual pro-life and Gospel messages but also added some free speech messages. My oldest daughter came along and placed drop cards all over down town. She is growing up to be more like dad every day.

We woke up this morning to clean sidewalks as the city had it all washed away early. It was obviously power washed because the gutters were full of chalk residue. No problem. The team sat down for prayer, had lunch and then proceeded to go back and re-chalk everything during the lunch hour. They will not silence our message, they will not squash our free speech.

Here are some pics from last night and today. Also we need more chalk, can you donate $25, $50, $100, $500 or any amount to help Stand True educate, activate and equip this generation and keep us stocked up on chalk? – If you can donate please do so at


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