This is the generation that will abolish abortion

Planned Parenthood Reality

You know what’s funny? If you’re planning to be a parent, literally the last place you’d go is Planned Parenthood.

Fertility care for those trying to conceive? Nope.
Adoption case management and assistance? Nope.
Prenatal care? Nope.
Diagnostic ultrasounds? Nope. (In fact, the only ultrasound you’ll get at PP is a pre-abortion ultrasound).
Childbirth center? Nope.
Post-partum care? Nope.
Lactation consultation or childcare courses? Nope.
Newborn and pediatric care? Nope.

Seriously. Explain to me why Planned Parenthood is called Planned Parenthood. Besides trying to make it sound enticing. – Jennie Stone

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