Stand True Pro-life E-News

Dear Friends,

It has been a while since our last e-newsletter. As many of you may know from social media, I had a stroke in July.  I was grilling for my kids when I felt something pop in my head. I got extremely dizzy and almost fell down. I laid down for the night and still felt horrible the next day. That’s when I decided to go see a doctor. Upon arrival at the emergency room with what I thought was maybe just a bad migraine they took me back immediately and informed me I had had a stroke.

I was in shock and honestly did not know a lot about strokes. I never thought this was something I would experience. I was in the hospital for four days to undergo tests and recover. I could not really walk without falling over and I had vertigo for days. When I was finally released, they explained to me that one of the two arteries in the back of my head was destroyed but I would make a full recovery over time.

Friends, I am not 100 percent yet, in fact I am just now allowed to drive a little bit.  Typing what is in my head takes longer as I seem to make more mistakes and have to go back to make corrections. I talk a bit slower and forget some words here and there and my appetite is much reduced, which is a good thing for my waistline.

All of this being said, the one thing that this unexpected challenge will never stop me from is standing up for the babies. I may have had to slow down a bit and take my time for the small tasks, but the task of ending abortion is not something I am willing to compromise on. Working at Priests for Life and for Father Frank Pavone and Janet Morana is such a huge blessing as they are committed not only to my work but to my recovery and health. I could not have a better job than I have now.

I know so many have been praying for me and I appreciate that immensely.  Many have offered help and sent me the most amazing messages of support. I have gotten many phone calls and e-mails from you and I want to thank everyone.

With all of this, the most important thing I can ask from everyone is to continue to support the work of ending abortion. One of the best ways you can help right now is to get one of the most important pro-life shirts I have ever created. This is the follow up to the best-selling “I survived Roe v Wade, Roe V Wade will not survive me” shirt.

I Survived Roe v Wade, Roe V Wade did not survive me.


I Survived Roe v. Wade Didn't Survive Me t-shirt


For so many years people thought I was crazy for making a shirt that said I would survive Roe and told me it would never come true. Despite that, it was one of the best-selling shirts I ever made. It was featured on a couple of TV shows on TLC, worn by some big names in Christian entertainment, and remains one of the best sellers to date.

Now it is time to have all the naysayers eat their words as we DID survive Roe v Wade and it was overturned. As we have proclaimed for years, we were going to win this battle and see the overturning of Roe in our lifetime. Please consider ordering your victory shirt today and have them in time for the National Pro-life T-shirt Day Fall Edition on Oct. 4, and The Pro-life Day of Silence on Oct. 18.

Get your Roe v Wade Victory shirt today at

For the Voiceless,

Bryan Kemper
President, Stand True - the Pro-Life Youth Outreach of Priests for Life


A Note from Father Frank

Dear Friends,

We continue to celebrate the demise of Roe v. Wade, the protection of the unborn continues to advance through the states – with over a dozen of them now being abortion-free – and abortion mills continue to close left and right.

And the other side continues to rant and rave with a torrent of lies.

We hear, from the highest levels of government, many false prophets talking about “health emergencies” and what a terrible threat it is to have so many states – over a dozen and counting – that do not allow abortion.

This must be particularly distressing to those who have had abortions and know the untold story of the damage that abortion itself does.

We must tell that story. Otherwise, our whole world gets inundated with that one-sided narrative that stopping abortion will cause disaster.

The book Complications (deVeber Institute, 2018) documents significantly more harm to women from abortion than childbirth, and show that the maternal health of nations that prohibit abortion improves rather than gets worse.

The research is critical; so are the testimonies. 

If you have not yet visited, please do so. Read, watch, and share the powerful stories of those who have been through abortion, and tell the world about its devastation! Now, more than ever, our world needs to hear this!

Continue forward with enthusiasm and confidence! And thanks for your commitment to the unborn!


Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life