Students Lucky Enough to Not be Aborted are Learning How to Save Other Babies From Abortion


I know many of you are finalizing your plans for summer, whether it’s vacation, staycation, backyard barbecues, weekends at the beach or other activities. While I plan to do all of those, I am most excited to go to camp. Yes, this 56-year-old is going to camp this summer. I am not talking about canoes and campfires; I am talking about two weeks of pro-life activism in our nation’s capital.

Every summer Stand True – the organization I founded and that is now the youth outreach of Priests for Life – has partnered with the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust as they hold a pro-life bootcamp in different cities across the country to train up new activists and sharpen the skills of seasoned activists in exposing the truth about abortion and educate people about the evils of the abortion industry.

I recently spoke to Tim Clement, the outreach director for Survivors, about the camp’s theme this year,  “End Abortion Extremism.” Tim explained, “We are excited to be going back to DC for this year’s camp to be a witness in our nation’s capital. We need to expose the extremism of abortion and be a voice for those whose lives have been robbed or damaged by this violent industry.”

Exposing the truth about abortion is something Priests for Life has been doing since 1991 and we look forward to every opportunity to work in collaboration with other groups that are committed to activating and educating every American about this evil in our midst and how we can end it.

Many in pro-life know about the Justice for the Five campaign, concerning the bodies of 115 abortion victims that were recovered by pro-life activists in DC. While 110 of those babies have been given a proper burial there are still five still being held by the medical examiner. These five were the victims of very late-term abortions, and at least one might have been born alive. This is just one example of abortion extremism that must be exposed to the world.

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Survivors bootcamp is one of the most amazing ways young people can get involved with the pro-life movement. They will learn the history of the pro-life movement as well as pro-life apologetics, and get training in activism, media relations, event planning, social media and so much more.

One of the awe-inspiring aspects of Survivors pro-life bootcamp is that most of the street activism events are run by the young people themselves. They don’t just learn from lectures but from hands-on training and experience. Several of my own children have gone to camp and absolutely loved it. My oldest daughter, who is now married with three children, still wishes she could come back to camp each year.

We are at such an important time for the pro-life movement since the Dobbs decision over turned Roe vs Wade two years ago. Many states have been or are attempting to expand and cement abortion rights up until birth for any reason at all. They are using so much misinformation and absolute lies to scare the public into voting for these evil ballot measures. In my own state of Ohio the abortion industry spread lies like, “you won’t be able to get care for a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy if these referendums don’t pass”.  We must expose these lies and stop these deadly laws,

If you will be in Washington this summer, we would love to have you join us as we expose the truth and proclaim the Gospel on the streets of our nation’s capital. Camp will be June 15-30 and more details can be found at You can also follow us on social media as I will be posting updates every day during the camp.

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LifeNews Note: Bryan Kemper is the youth outreach director for Priests for Life and the founder of its youth outreach Stand True. He is the author of Social Justice Begins in the Womb and Pro-life is the New Punk Rock. Priests for Life’s Bryan Kemper at the March for Life California in Sacramento with Carol Marie Siedenburg, San Diego regional coordinator for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, and Frank Tooker of San Diego.