This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

Ten Thousand Free Drop Cards Give Away

Update: We have reached the 100 winners, but you can still order them at –

We are so excited about the passion we are seeing in young pro-life activists, especially with their desire to use Pro-life Drop Cards. We have decided to give away TEN THOUSAND FREE Pro-life Drop Cards.

I have seen many organizations use similar cards over the years but recently they have become very popular. Our Pro-life Drop cards normally sell from our store at but today we will give away 100 packs of 100 cards to help get people started in some cool pro-life activism.

The idea is to take a stack whenever you leave the house and simply drop them where someone might have a chance to pick them up. Bank machines, gas pumps, check out lines, store shelves (pregnancy test isle), book stores (pregnancy books), newspaper stands…… You get the idea.

We will mail out a pack of 100 FREE Pro-life Drop Cards to the first 100 people who leave a comment telling us why they would want to have a free pack. Leave your e-mail so we can contact you about where to ship them.

Here is a look at a couple of styles we have, see the rest of our Pro-life Drop Cards and other Pro-life Merchandise at









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