This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

Stand True Mission Team takes Ohio by storm confronting Nancy Pelosi, Planned Parenthood and witnessing to 100,000 in one weekend.

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Just two weeks into the 2 1/2 month summer mission and the Stand True Mission Team has already been stretched beyond what they ever could have imagined, but they are loving it. We started the training on Monday morning and by Wednesday the team was in the streets of Columbus, OH, confronting Nancy Pelosi’s bus tour which had partnered up with Planned Parenthood here in Ohio.

The team decided that if Planned Parenthood was going to celebrate abortion, then we were going to show everyone there the truth of what abortion looked like. Witness was so successul that the picture Planned Parenthood took of the rally and posted on Facebook also showed an aborted baby and an “abortion is murder” sign very clearly.

After teaming up with Created Equal in Columbus, we invited them to join Stand True as we witnessed to 100,000 people at the Troy, OH Strawberry Festival that weekend. We started by sidewalk chalking the city of Troy with pro-life messages and messages of hope in Christ.

To our surprise the City stopped us that night and informed us that they had passed a special law that forbade us from chalking during the Strawberry Festival. They were clearly trying to keep our pro-life witness out of downtown Troy that weekend. Thanks to our friends at the Alliance Defending Freedom, we showed them they cannot stop us from holding our signs and passing out literature.

On Saturday morning we set up a giant life development display, showing all nine months of development in the womb right in the center of the whole festival. We were received very well as so many parents brought their children over to show them how life begins and develops. Many pregnant women came by to point out how far along they were, as the team, with the help of my kids, eagerly passed out pro-life literature to passers by. It was a huge success.

I have also posted a great training video here of one of our encounters with someone who claims “I am pro-life but I don’t want to tell anyone else what to do” –

We have taken a couple of trips to the abortion mill in Kettering OH, with one even being canceled because they closed due to lack of business. Praise God!

One day we went to greet a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Columbus OH with the Created Equal team again, shining the light of the truth in the hip “Short North” district where they were celebrating the killing of babies. We encountered much more opposition here and even had a store owner throw water at me as I sidewalk chalked. (He missed me). However, I had one amazing conversation with someone who was pretty hostile and later received an e-mail from him apologizing.

This week the team will be preparing for hitting the road and spending extra time at the abortion mill as I have to go to New York for meetings.

The team needs your help! They need to keep gas in the van, food in their stomachs and literature in their hands. Please support this amazing team and make sure they can continue to radically engage the culture and be a light this summer.

Can you donate $25, $50, $100, $500 or any amount to help Stand True educate, activate and equip this generation? – If you can donate please do so at

Donations can also be mailed to Stand True – PO Box 890 – Troy, OH 45373 or call 540-538-2581 to donate by phone.

For Christ I stand,

Bryan Kemper – President Stand True Pro-life Outreach

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