This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

A sample of the hate mail I get, and this one is from a “pro-lifer” from our mailing list.

I am often told that we are wasting our time when we go to Christian music festivals, churches and christian campuses with the pro-life message. I can tell you I often get more anger at Christian festivals than secular college campuses. Most of my mailing list is Christian based, and collected from Christian events. This e-mail I got from someone who has been on our mailing list for awhile. This person participated in the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity and identifies as Pro-life.

This shows us how much educating we have to do, our young people are being lied to and need the truth desperately. I have changed her name and edited some of the swearing but did not correct her grammar.

Jane: sure i may be anti abortion, but think of it this way… planned parenthood is only 5% abortions. the rest is womens health and free birth control so that doesnt have to happen. have a heart, dont support the funding cuts because after i have my baby, where am i going to get my birth control???? where can i turn to with no money. go picket someone who doesnt help anybody.

Jane, Please read this article:

Jane: i disagree with the way you think. remove me from this stupid mailing list. if you think youre doing anyone a favor, youre wrong. do you know that most women take both control to regulate their periods and lighten them to make it bearable? you need to learn the real truth before you go any further. you are simply out against the women of the world. please, get your facts right before you open your mouth, because someone that seems to be on your side is gonna slap your mouth off. why dont you go protest abortions like you should be, instead of womens rights.

Do you really believe what you are writing that “most” women take BC to regulate their periods? I am sorry but that is simply not the truth. The fact is that if a woman is sexually active and takes chemical Birth Control she is in danger of aborting her child as all forms of chemical BC can cause an early abortion.

Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortion in the nation and was founded by a partner of Hitlers pre-Nazi regime. They still honor this woman every year even though she was a eugenicist and racist.

I have my facts very straight.

Jane: Sir, I do not know one person that takes it for any reason other than what I mentioned. Sorry to say, you don’t know anything. Because you are not a woman. Now stop emailing me because I have your name there and your email and I WILL report you for harassing me and soliciting your false beliefs. Thank you and have a nice day. And btw I dont care how many g@d d*%n abortions planned parenthood does, this bill cuts off places that don’t and preach what you say. What do you have to say about that. Go defend your shit thats being terminated with planned parenthood. Now stop emailing me, have a nice day, otherwise f*@k off and die. You should have been aborted.

Does she really believe that no one takes birth control for any other reason that to regulate their period? I am not sure if this is true ignorance or just the status quo for todays teenager. This is why we must continue to fight harder and reach this generation with the truth. Please pray for the youth of America.

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