This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

Brief thoughts on the use of photos of abortion victims and why I won’t refer to them as “graphic images” anymore.

These are not merely images, these are photos of actual children, victims, who have been brutally murdered. These children MUST be seen. The world will not reject abortion until it SEES abortion for what it truly is.

I have been to Auschwitz in Poland and seen the ovens where the Jews were thrown. I have been to Corrie ten Boom’s house in Harlem, Holland and stood inside the hiding place in her wall where the Jews would hide. I have been to Birkkenau in Poland and stood outside the gas chambers where the Jews were gassed. All of these were powerful things to see and experience but still incomplete without the pictures and movies of the ACTUAL people we refer to as the Jews and what the Nazis did to them.

We show the instruments used by the abortionists to kill the babies. We stand outside the buildings where the babies are butchered. We see the dumpsters and medical waste containers where babies are thrown. But none of that is complete without showing the humanity of the babies and what happens to them in the images of their bodies and what the abortionists do to them.

The photos of the victims of abortion are meant to upset, nauseate, incite and motivate us. They are meant to offend to the point that we can no longer look the other way. They are disgusting, but not as disgusting as the fact that our society allows this holocaust to continue. If the photos of these victims of abortion upset you, good. I am sure these victims are pretty upset about being ripped limb from limb.

There is a time and place to use photos of the victims of abortion, but they must be used and we must show the world what abortion ACTUALLY is.

Bryan Kemper

If you have never looked at the photos of the victims of the abortion holocaust, you can see them here –


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