This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

How the election results will affect the mission and work of Stand True — They won’t

Dear pro-life warriors and Stand True family,

I know that many of you are probably disappointed with the election results from last night, I know I am. I know that many of you believe that our country is not in the best shape and another four years of this administration could be devastating for America. I understand that many of us are worried about the future of America for us, our children and generations to come.

What is most important to remember in all of this is that our hope does not rest upon the shoulders of a donkey or an elephant, it rests upon the shoulders of The Lamb.

Will things be tougher for pro-life organizations? Maybe. Will this change our mission and goal? NO! Today, just like yesterday we woke up knowing that we must rid this nation of the curse of the blood of the innocent that is spilling into our streets. We know that our resolve will not be broken as we fight to abolish abortion from America and the world.

God is on the throne just as he was yesterday and we cry out to Him to give us strength in our fight, wisdom in our work and courage in the face of our opposition. We will not bend, we will not waiver and we will not stop until the abortion holocaust is over and personhood is restored to every single human person from the moment of fertilization to natural death.

I pray that you will continue to Stand True with us as together we move forward in the mission God has given us.

Also tonight join us for our Post Election Webcast – Wednesday, November 7, 2012 from 9-10p.m. ET. Two men known for their political insight as well as their understanding of the Church and the pro-life cause will join us: Dr. Deal Hudson and Deacon Keith Fournier. Sign up to participate in the webcast at

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Bryan Kemper
Director of Youth Outreach for Priests for Life
Stand True

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