This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

Amber’s Dreams

Amber’s Dreams – By Bryan Kemper (I wrote this 22 years ago, it’s a shame we are still fighting this)

Little Amber in pig tails

Skipping rope in the sun
Playing in the meadows
Running through the fields
Lemonade Stand on the corner
Barbies all dressed up
Little dolly in her arms
Amber’s dreaming of future plans

Little Amber growing up
Starting Jr. High School
Giggling with her friends
Talking on the phone
Passing notes in English class
Starting to notice boys
Baby-sitting on weekends
Amber’s dreaming of future plans

Little Amber in her dress
Prom is coming soon
She looked so beautiful
As she stood daydreaming
High school almost over
Maybe someday marriage
Amber’s dreaming of future plans

Little Amber all in tears
She’d made a grave mistake
She listened to their lies
And taken their advice
Her heart ripped in pieces
Childhood dreams destroyed
They killed her baby today
Amber’s dream is in a garbage can


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