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Stand True August Support Letter / Is it OK to compare the abortion massacre and the Colorado movie theatre massacre?

I have barely been off the road for 48 hours, and I am leaving again tomorrow morning at 4:00 AM to fly to Washington DC to meet with youth pro-life leaders from around the country and discuss plans for the coming school year. One of the best things about the youth pro-life movement is the unity – we are all finding ways to work together to bring an end to abortion. Please pray for our meeting tomorrow, and for the plans we set into motion.

Last week, the Stand True Mission Team drove from Ohio to New Hampshire to minister at The Soulfest. I was invited to give 4 talks at The Soulfest as well as have a ministry booth near the entrance of the festival. Stand True was highly visible. Our booth had to have been passed by everyone as they walked into the festival, and each of the days with my four talks I know we reached most of the people at The Soulfest with our message.

We had an amazing week of ministry and went through a ton of literature. People were constantly coming to the booth to get educated on pro-life issues, and everyone asked us a ton of questions. I had almost no voice by the end of the week. Victor was so worn out he got sick! If that was the cost for spreading the truth, and we gladly paid it to reach so many people.

Now that I am back at the office, I see a lot of empty space on the shelves (which means I need to reorder a lot of stuff). Most all of our pro-life postcards are gone, and many of our resources need to be replenished.

We need you to help today by clicking the link and making a donation today. Please help us replenish our shelves.HTTP://TINYURL.COM/3SNMBOB

We were so blessed to have Priests for Life donate hotel rooms for the Stand True Mission team. However, over the last month we have spent more than $2,000 on fuel for the van, food for the missionaries, and other travel expenses. We need to make up that deficit to continue towards our fall mission goals.

This fall we will be participating and leading many pro-life initiatives including ‘Acts 5:29’ in Washington DC, The Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity, The March for Life, The March for Life Youth Rally, Students for Life of America Conference, and so many other events.

In order for us to participate and lead these events, we rely only on your generous support to operate. And we know your donation is a sacrifice. Thank you so much for partnering with Stand True and supporting our work.

We need you to help today by clicking here: HTTP://TINYURL.COM/3SNMBOB . Please click right now or use the donation button at the top of this page, and make a donation today. Please help keep us on the road.

If you can donate $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or any other amount; it will help us to continue to fulfill our mission.

You can also mail a donation to:
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You can phone in a CC donation to 540-538-2581

Stand True operates through the generosity of you, our supporters. Please consider committing to being a monthly partner with Stand True – please pledge to donate $10, $25, $50, $100 or any other amount to Stand True each month to partner with us. If you want to pledge monthly support, you can e-mail INFO@STANDTRUE.COM and let us know about your pledge.

We need you to help today by clicking HTTP://TINYURL.COM/3SNMBOB right now or making a donation today. Help keep us on the road.


I recently wrote a commentary about whether or not it is OK to compare abortion to things like the Colorado theatre shooting and it caused a lot of interesting conversation. Please take a few minutes to read this article on our web site and tell us what you think about this question, at:

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