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Bryan Kemper Banned From Dayton Library After Confronting NARAL and Planned Parenthood Community Discussion

When organizations like NARAL and Planned Parenthood come into your community to promote the practice of child killing, you cannot remain silent. When Stand True found out about just such a meeting in Dayton, OH, we decided to join the discussion and shine the light of truth. We were joined by individuals from Dayton Right to Life, 40 Days for Life and local pro-life activists.

Stand True arrived early to sidewalk chalk around the library and be a public witness to what abortion truly is and what it does to women. We covered the sidewalk in front of the entrance with pro-life messages and greeted those attending this pro-abortion meeting with photos of what they actually are promoting.

Right before the meeting started, we all went inside to listen in on the meeting and join in the discussion. There were about 50 people in the meeting, 20 of whom were pro-life. NARAL tried to stop our live streaming and filming of the meeting, but the Library policy allowed this. One man even tried to block our live stream, but was not successful. In all reality, the meeting should have never taken place in the library, as the policy clearly states that no groups can use it for partisan politics.

I sat, squirming in my seat, as I listened to lie after lie. The head of NARAL Ohio claimed that crisis pregnancy centers tell women, “if they have an abortion, the procedure will suck out their appendix.” Anther person claimed that before Roe vs Wade, “5,000 women a year died from illegal abortions and that number is on the rise again due to pro-life legislation.”

During the question and answer time, I waited patiently with my hand raised as I was ignored over and over. Finally, they claimed that that were making us wait as punishment for filming the meeting. When I stood up, I let loose. While I was still making my point, I was told to sit down but refused and began to preach the truth. I was removed from the library by 4 security guards who escorted me outside to where Dayton Police were arriving.

The Library informed me that they were charging me with “trespassing” and that I would be banned from the Dayton Metro Library for life. I refused to sign their paper and informed them that the meeting was a violation of library policy in the first place. The Dayton Police were extremely nice and cordial and supported my right to remain outside with my abortion sign.

Here is the video of when I finally could not remain silent any longer:

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