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Hard Truth – I Dare You To Post This Graphic

Some have told me this is too soon, I say it is late as we are 40 years into the abortion holocaust. Do you have the guts to share this?

But Vanity

If Pro-choice Signs Were Honest

New Anti-Planned Parenthood FB Banner

Feel free to use this as your FB Timeline Banner or use the graphic anywhere you like: Timeline: Graphic:

Your Revolution Is My Execution

If abortion is health care, then rape is aggressive flirting – new graphics

Two new graphics to use.

Who Said That?

This one will not excite Planned Parenthood. Feel free to use and post anywhere.

Healing Comes to the Broken Places First

Feel free to post and share.

Planned Parenthood: What They Think I Am

Planned Parenthood: What they think I am. Please feel free to Share, Repost and Use this graphic. Another Bryan Kemper Andy Moore creation.

New Facebook Timeline Banner – Auschwitz – Planned Parenthood: The Same Lie