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If a fetus is merely part of a woman’s body….

If a fetus is merely part of a woman’s body and not a unique and separate human being, then abortion is nothing more than elective amputation. Why should the tax payers have to pay for a woman to have elective amputation? Do we pay for mole removal? Do we pay for haircuts? These are vanity and convenience procedures, and should not be funded by our government. Unless of course the fetus is more than just part of her body….

stop the outrage.

Over 3500 children are being murdered every day. What will you do to stop the outrage? What will you do to abolish abortion?

Peace in the womb

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Will you join the effort to restore #peace in the womb? #prolife

Land of the free

#America is the land of the free because of the #brave. Will you be brave enough to defend the #freedom of the #preborn to live?

A woman shouldn’t kill her child in any way

I agree that a woman should not kill her child with a coat hanger #abortion, but a woman shouldn’t kill her #child any other way either.

Legal abortion is no safer than illegal abortions

NARAL founder and former abortionist turned pro-life activist, Bernard Nathanson admitted to fabricating the number of deaths caused by illegal abortion to help get abortion legalized. Planned Parenthood themselves said in 1960 “90% of all illegal abortions are presently done by physicians.” Legal abortions are no safer than illegal abortions. Abortion kills children and their mothers.

Why do pro choicers want rare abortion?

Why do pro-choicers want abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare?” If there is nothing wrong with abortion, why should it be rare? Because they know that it is the killing of an innocent baby boy or girl.

Preborn children are human

How can anyone be pro-abortion in modern society? Science has proven that preborn children are living human persons. Shouldn’t all living human persons be protected? Wouldn’t it be murder to kill another human person, whether they were born or not? It makes no sense to support abortion. All abortion is is legal murder.

Pro life is pro equality

Being pro-life doesn’t mean you believe the baby’s rights are greater than the mother’s. It means you believe they are equal. End #abortion.

Protect all life

I am not anti-abortion because I only care about the baby. I am anti-abortion because I am pro-life, which means I will stand up for all life. I care about the life of the mother too. Why can’t we protect both the mother and the child? Why must one die? The answer is, we CAN protect them both. Abolish abortion and protect all life.