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If a fetus is merely part of a woman’s body….

If a fetus is merely part of a woman’s body and not a unique and separate human being, then abortion is nothing more than elective amputation. Why should the tax payers have to pay for a woman to have elective amputation? Do we pay for mole removal? Do we pay for haircuts? These are vanity and convenience procedures, and should not be funded by our government. Unless of course the fetus is more than just part of her body….

Killing Handicapped Children

Asking if it is ok to abort a child who you know will be born with a horrible handicap is the same thing as asking if you can abort a two year old with a terrible handicap. A human person’s value does not change because of handicap or age. Abortion is never a necessary evil, it is just plain evil.

Abortion in cases of rape is violence upon violence.

The manner in which a human person is conceived does not change the science or genetic makeup of said human person. While the act of rape is a horrific, violent and tragic act, a child conceived in this act is still a human child. The mother should not be subjected to an additional act of violence that further degrades and victimizes her. Abortion in cases of rape heaps violence upon violence and robs the mother of a glimpse of light in a dark situation.

Pro-abortion Argument #12

Outlawing abortion will force women to have babies. Answer: Anti-abortion laws do not force pregnant women to have babies; they force them not to kill the babies they already have. If the child did not already exist, there would be no one to abort.

Pro-abortion Argument #11

Compressive contraception distribution is the way to get rid of abortion, not outlawing it. Answer: This is avoiding issue of abortion being an act of homicide against a human person. They pretend that pregnancy is a disease that needs to be vaccinated against, and then say that if the vaccine did not work we can just cure the disease with a simple surgery. Pregnancy is not a disease and there is no need for a cure. If anything is a disease, it is the mindset that killing a child in the womb is health care.

Pro-abortion Argument #10

It is not a human while it is inside the woman. Answer: The personhood of a human being is not determined by location, manor or circumstance of conception, parental willingness or philosophical teaching. The personhood of a human being is determined by the actual existence of that human being; from the moment he or she starts the development process until death. That timeline of existence is not made true by anyone’s choice; their existence is made true by the fact that they actually exist.

Pro-abortion Argument #9

We should just agree to disagree. Answer: “agree to disagree” and move on. NEVER! I will never agree to disagree when it comes to the killing of an innocent human person. What if MLK Jr. “agreed to disagree”? The ONLY think I will agree too is the total abolition of abortion.

Pro-abortion Argument #7

Pro-abortion Argument #7 – Don’t judge me, Christians aren’t supposed to judge. Answer: The unfortunate truth is that apathetic Christians equally use this argument. When someone committing a violent act against another human person, Christian or not we have the right and responsibility to judge and take action to stop it. Judgment is a word that is over-vilified and should be practiced when injustices are prevalent.  Rape is wrong, abortion is wrong, child molesting is wrong; if that is being judgmental, so be it.  

Pro-abortion Argument #6

Even if we outlaw abortion, people with still get them so it should stay legal. Answer: You can say that for any evil or injustice. We have outlawed slavery, yet it still happens. We have outlawed rape, yet it still happens. An injustice is still an injustice whether it happens or not and should always be outlawed.  

Pro-abortion Argument #5

A fetus cannot survive on it’s own so it is ok to kill it. Answer: A newborn baby cannot survive on it’s own without the care of someone else. Just because someone cannot survive without the help of another person does not mean that person does not have the right to live.