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Peace in the womb

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Will you join the effort to restore #peace in the womb? #prolife

Land of the free

#America is the land of the free because of the #brave. Will you be brave enough to defend the #freedom of the #preborn to live?

A woman shouldn’t kill her child in any way

I agree that a woman should not kill her child with a coat hanger #abortion, but a woman shouldn’t kill her #child any other way either.

Pro life is pro equality

Being pro-life doesn’t mean you believe the baby’s rights are greater than the mother’s. It means you believe they are equal. End #abortion.

beating heart at 3 weeks

The #human heart starts beating 3 weeks after #fertilization. How can anyone say that a #preborn child isn’t human and can be #killed?

It’s never ok to kill a child

When can you kill a child? If they’re handicapped? If you can’t afford them? If they’re conceived in rape? I say never! #prolife #abortion

If it’s not a baby, she’s not pregnant

Pro #abortion people sometimes say the #preborn is a clump of cells and not a baby in the womb. If it’s not a baby then she’s not #pregnant.

Pro life feminist

#Abortion is not #prowoman. It kills #preborn women. #feminists #prolife

Pro Life Tweet

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every child is beautiful

If #abortion is ok only when the child has a #deformity , when is it not ok? None of us have #perfectbodies. Every child is #beautiful .