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Cemetery of the Innocents Display Vandalized, Investigation Underway

Over the years I have seen many counter protests to our Cemetery of the Innocents displays on campus, and a few vandalism incidents. It seems now the vandalism incidents are increasing as more and more young people are standing up for life. We are winning and the pro-abortion side is not very happy.

This just released from Students for Life of America

Arlington, VA- Last week, the SUNY University at Buffalo Students for Life (UBSFL) group faced more discrimination on campus as pro-abortion vandals attacked their Cemetery of the Innocents Display 3 times. This comes as the group was granted preliminary club status last month after waiting 10 months for approval.

“The discrimination that the UB Students for Life group has faced on campus is outrageous, “ commented Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director of Students for Life. “This vandalism is a clear violation of the students’ freedom of speech, and Students for Life of America is awaiting a comment from the President of the University following the investigation on campus. We hope that the comment will send a strong signal that UB does not allow discrimination on campus and that this type of unlawful behavior is acceptable.”

Last Thursday, pro-abortion vandals destroyed the pro-life display 3 times. The first time, the vandals pulled up the display and wrote the word “Pro-Choice” with the crosses. After the group put the display up again, the vandals came back a few hours later, re-pulled up all of the crosses, and wrote “Love All”. The UB Students for Life group thought this was a fitting addition to the Cemetery since people should love all, including preborn children. The group left the words and re-set up the rest of the crosses in the display. The next morning the group found the crosses pulled up yet again with the words “LOL Babies” written with the crosses. Each time the pro-life display was vandalized, UB Students for Life notified the UB Police Department.

SFLA has learned that the University at Buffalo President, Satish Tripathi, will not make a public condemnation of the vandalism until his office receives the results of campus police investigation. Last Friday, the President of the Students for Life group called the UB President’s office to see if he would make a statement condemning the attacks and if the UB Students for Life group would be able to meet with him. The President’s office sent the UB President to the Office of Student Life and Services instead. When the group contacted the VP of Student Life and Services, he sent his condolences and directed the students to meet with the UB International and Diversity Center on campus.

SFLA will continue to work with the UB Students for Life group and await the President Tripathi’s public statement.

They used the crosses to spell “LOL Babies” and “Pro-choice”

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