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Christian Band Texas In July Continues Benefit Tour Despite Planned Parenthood Being Invited Along Also

Stand True first reported that the Christian band, Texas in July was playing a benefit your for the pro-abortion web site for April and May.  It is now apparent that Planned Parenthood was also invited to come out to the tour stops to distribute materials as part of their Get Yourself Tested program.  Planned Parenthood will be passing out condoms, pamphlets and vouchers to get the kids into Planned Parenthood for STD tests.

It is a circle of death for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider; providing more that 25% of the America’s abortions.

1. Promote sex-ed elementary school kids.

2. Give them condoms

3. Lesson the stigma of Sexually Transmitted Diseases by calling them Infections instead

4. Test them and send them out with more condoms

5. Abort their children when the condoms fail

6. Repeat cycle

It was bad enough that this self pro-claimed Christian band continued on the tour despite the tens of thousands of dollars being raised for, but now that it is evident that Planned Parenthood is being invited to poison the kids it is just shameful.

Here are a few links to Planned Parenthood celebrating their involvement with the Take Action Tour along with some pictures of the PP Rv:

Key Pulp Reports that the Planned Parenthood RV is touring with bands

“The Take Action Tour, started in 1999 by Hopeless Records, is targeted to bring awareness to certain social issues through music, much like To Write Love On Her Arms. Some issues include depression and suicide. This year they focused on safe sex. Out on tour with the bands is small Winnebago sponsored by GYT (Get Yourself Tested), a co-production of MTVCDC,Planned Parenthood, and the Kaiser Family Foundation. They set up right outside of each venue distributing condoms, free Tshirts, and sexual health information. Also available are a finite number of vouchers that can be redeemed for free or low-cost STD and HIV tests.

Driving these ideas home are the bands on this year’s bill: BaysideSilversteinPolar Bear ClubThe Swellers, and Texas in July. I caught the tour at the Philadelphia stop, and can vouch for the various acts all taking a moment out of their sets to talk about the importance of safe sex. Lights reflected off the inflated condoms being kept in flight like balloons, and as each act played, the crowd would get more and more into the music—ever evident by the number of times I kicked in the head by the passing crowd surfers while in the photo pit.  The energy seemed to reach its climax at first chord of Bayside playing the first track off their new album Killing Time, Already Gone. All of the bands featured new music, but the crowd seemed to sing the new songs back like they were old classics.”

If you are not aware of our previous reporting on this –

Even with Planned Parenthood  being part of this tour, Texas in July is asking kids to come to this tour and spend money on tickets that give 10% to

You can contact Texas in July at

Please join us and like this boycott page until they drop their support.


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