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Crossroads Pro-life Missionary Killed – I am here in Indianapolis with the rest of the Crossroads missionary team

I was awoken this morning by a call from Jimmy Nolan, President of Crossroads Pro-life Walks with the news of an accident involving one of the pro-life missionaries. Andrew Moore, a twenty year old from California, was fatally hit by a car while walking across the United States as a witness to the sanctity of life. He was wearing his reflective vest and walking along a U.S. 40 near Stilesville, ID and was struck at about 5am Friday morning.

Stand True has worked closely with Crossroads over the years and our Stand True Mission Teams have even walked with them for short distances in the past. Crossroads walkers also visit us at the Priests for Life office in Staten Island every summer. When I got the call from Jimmy, I immediately hopped into the Stand True van and headed for Indianapolis to be with the team. The rest of the Crossroads team is at a host home right now, resting and preparing for a special Mass tonight. I will be here with the throughout the weekend and will host them when they reach the Dayton area in a few days.

Andrew Moore

I am asking that all Stand True and Priests for Life supporters please pray for Andrew’s family and for the rest of the Crossroads missionaries as they go through this difficult time. Most of the missionaries will continue the Crossroads mission beginning on Monday and will most definitely need our prayers. The walkers who I have talked to are determined to continue the mission as they know that is what Andrew would want.

Here is what Andrew said about joining the Crossroads team:

“I heard about Crossroads from Jason when he gave a talk at Thomas Aquinas College. I had already been involved in the pro-life movement for several years: when I am at home I pray in front of the local abortion mill almost every day, and try to speak to the people going in. Crossroads sounded like a good way to serve God and help His children. Having hardly ever left California and my sedate suburban life I was also interested in seeing the country, meeting new good people, and just doing something crazy! I have been considering a vocation to the priesthood for some time and Crossroads is a great way to work on my discernment: prayer, sacrifice, and separation from the distractions of the world.”

Here’s his profile on the website: (

Victor Bermudez, Stand True Mission Team Leader and former Crossroads walker commented: ”

As a former crossroads walker, I implore you to pray and sacrifice for Andrew and his family. I know for me, Crossroads is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. Starting in mid-May, Andrew woke up every day with the millions of children whose lives have been taken by abortion on his mind, and in his heart. In his last moments on this earth, he was witnessing to America, that life is sacred, at all stages.

He truly died defending life. He died standing up for the pre-born children. He is a hero. I know the Lord has a plan for him, and has welcomed him into paradise with open arms.”

Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life said:

“On behalf of our entire Priests for Life family, I want to express our sadness at Andrew’s death and our condolences to his family and to the whole Crossroads team. As we grieve, let’s also draw new strength from Andrew’s example, sacrificing time, energy, and comfort in order to awaken our nation about abortion.”

To send a message of support, prayer and encouragement to the Crossroads missionaries, leave a comment on this post and I will forward them all to the team.


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