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Did Planned Parenthood Cover Up The Rape of An 11 Year Old Girl?

Live Action, the organization that has released the Undercover Sting Videos of Planned Parenthood have just released a real letter that Planned Parenthood did not act on.

Live action reports: reported on this incident back in 2005:

A testimonial posted on a California Planned Parenthood abortion business’ website regarding an 11-year-old rape victim has sparked a call for an investigation into the organization’s handling of sexual abuse cases.

In the “Shared Stories” section of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate’s website, a client’s shared her story.

“I was raped at 11, by my 17 year old boyfriend. I chose not to tell my parents because I didn’t think their involvement would help, that was the right choice for me. Planned Parethood [sic] helped me deal with the aftermath of the rape allowing me to deal and cope as best as I could in my own way.”

In response, pro-life leaders have called for an investigation, as Planned Parenthood is required by law to report cases of child abuse. The abortion business has since removed the post from their web site.

When contacted, a representative of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate would not comment to on whether the rape was reported to authorities.

Also the San Francisco Faith tried to get a response from Planned Parenthood on this letter but could not. They state:

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate did not respond to my repeated queries, both by telephone and e-mail.

After receiving calls about this letter, Planned Parenthood of Golden Gate took down the letter but an archive of the webpage was saved by See:

Here is the letter:

Does this infuriate you? Join Stand True, Live Action and Survivors and become a White Rose Activist as we fight Planned Parenthood.

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