This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Violent Fugitives and the Murder of Innocent Children: Do You Really Believe The Child in The Womb is a Child?

I originally wrote this as a Facebook status but it kept eating at me; I had to write further on this subject.

“If the body of Christ actually believed a child in the womb was the same as any child running around their church building, we probably would have brought an end to abortion by now. The Christian response to natural disasters in comparison to our response to the destruction of over 52,000,000 pre-born babies in the womb is evidence to this. Enough is enough; be a voice.”

The first part of this status comes from several experiences, some of which are very personal to me.  On March 1st I buried my son, Benjamin Davis. I expected to see many families from my church at the funeral, supporting us and mourning with us over the loss of our son.  To my shock I only saw two families and our church intern at the funeral; one of those families being our pastor who conducted the funeral service.

I honestly thought that more members of our church would have been there; I really stood there waiting for more vehicles pull in. I thought that if any of my other six children who run around the church every Sunday had died the funeral service would have been packed.  The problem is that Benjamin Davis was only 12 weeks old in-utero when he died.

I have always said that if the church actually believed that abortion is the killing of a human person then we would have won this battle long ago.  The problem is that even in the church we cannot see the full humanity of children in the womb. There is still a margin of doubt in so many, even in those who call themselves Pro-life Christians.

The world obviously cannot see the truth and we should not be surprised that they don’t.  They cannot see the truth if we are not willing to stand up and declare the truth, show the truth and actually stand behind the truth.  The truth I am talking about is that the act of abortion is an act of homicide against a human person.

This seems to be one truth that so many Christians want to stay away from or water down so as to not offend anyone who may have been involved in abortion. We are more worried about the feelings of those who have committed this gruesome act then the victims of the act itself.

Don’t take me wrong, I believe whole-heartedly in the forgiveness of Christ and the message of forgiveness to those who have been involved with abortion. I know that Christ’s forgiveness is absolute, and that those involved must repent and seek that forgiveness.

I know that many women and men who hear the message that abortion is the killing of a human person will feel guilty if they realize what they have been involved with.  I know that we must minister to them and help them understand the forgiveness of Christ so they will repent of their sins.  I also know that just because the very message that abortion kills a human person will upset people is no reason to refrain from boldly proclaiming this message.

Recently there was a news story about a man who committed several acts of homicide here in Ohio, including killing two elderly people.  The news stations had no problem talking about what this man had done and no one cared if his feelings were hurt when we referred to his killing as murder.

The thing is, we all wanted to see this man brought to justice; we were horrified that these two elderly people were missing and probably dead.  We saw the faces and heard stories about the elderly couple and instantly recognized their humanity.

A child in the womb does not get the same recognition because we have not put that face of humanity on them; we have not shown the awful truth about what is happening to them.  If the world actually saw what abortion did to a human child, I don’t think we would still be killing thousands a day.

There are a lot of different arguments for and against the use of graphic photos in the fight against abortion.  I have struggled with this subject for many years, and have tried to find a balance.

I have thought a lot about this subject while watching the death and destruction in Japan over the last few days.  The scenes in Japan are so heartbreaking and even rather intense.  I have, several times, changed the channel when the kids are in the room when they start to talk about body counts and other statistics, but I have talked the kids myself about what happened.

While I may not want them to hear about what happened the way the news is showing and talking about it, I want them to understand what happened.  In the same I may not show my children all the graphic photos of abortion; I do explain it in a way for them to still understand the gravity of the situation.

For a child it is easy to explain the truth about abortion; they understand that a child in the womb is a full human child and do not separate those children into a different category.  When you tell a child that these are babies and they are being killed they get it and immediately know how wrong it is.

Last week my daughter and I pulled up behind the Planned Parenthood bus that was crashing a pro-life rally.  Abigayle asked me, “Daddy, how can they support killing babies if when their own mom did not kill them?”  She knows this truth; she understands the humanity of the child in the womb.

Unfortunately, so many adults do not understand this basic truth; they need to see the humanity in order to understand it.  If you had just heard there was an earthquake and tsunami in Japan you would probably think that was horrible.  But when you see the reality of the destruction that we see in the videos and photos you truly understand severity if the situation.

The fact is we must put a face to abortion; we must show the truth about what is happening to thousands of innocent human babies every day in our country.  We are too comfortable claiming to be pro-life and settling with the fact that we vote republican and go to a CPC banquet once a year.  We can easily fool ourselves into thinking we have done enough by slapping that “Choose Life” bumper sticker on our car or going to the March for Life once a year.

While all of these actions are great and I am grateful for those who come to the March for Life, have pro-life bumper stickers or support CPCs, if we do these things and think it’s enough, we will be doing these things for another 38 years.

We must be just as horrified and upset about thousands of babies that are dying everyday in the tsunami of abortion that is flooding our streets with the blood of innocent children.  We must understand that when a woman loses a child by miscarriage that this can be and is often just as devastating as losing a five-year-old child.

When those who call themselves followers of Christ actually start to act like abortion is the killing of real human persons, I believe we will see the beginning to the end of abortion.  When we are willing to put a face to abortion and show the humanity of these children and the truth about their death, the world we be forced to react in the way they do in the face of an earthquake, tsunami or any other disaster. The death and destruction of over 52 million baby boys and girls constitutes a disaster, and should be seen as such.

If you have not seen the truth of what abortion does to a human person then I challenge you to watch the following video.

Warning this video shows graphic images of children murdered by abortion, also police violence against peaceful pro-life activists.

If you are going to tell me that it is in bad taste to compare abortion victims to the victims of the earthquakes and tsunami; don’t bother.  When we stop pulling children apart limb from limb, I will stop using comparisons that can help show us the truth.



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