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What Good Friday and the Easter Season mean to me – What does it mean to you?

I am going to keep this simple, not go into my whole testimony here. Most people who know me, know I was a raging heathen. I was one of the most evil people you could have ever met in your life and you would have regretted meeting me if you had. I had no respect for people, for property and did not know what love was. I was lost.

When I think of Good Friday and Easter I think of the first time I understood what love is. I think of the first time I ever felt that I mattered and that I was worth something. When I see an image of Christ on that Cross I know that my whole life of thinking I was just a loser was a lie and that I had value. When I think of Christ rising from the tomb, I understand what Forgiveness is and realized how to conquer all the garbage I let into my life. When I think of Easter I realize that I was never truly lost, but that Christ was there for me all along.

I know life can be tough. I will be totally honest with you, right now is one of the toughest periods I have ever been through in my life. I have found that in those tough times, if we empty ourselves out to Christ, that is when we can be filled the most. Sometimes we may not even have the words to say, and that is when He will speak the most to us. Sometimes we may think we have nothing left to give, and that is when He will give us the most.

I encourage you to take the next few days and try and remember what Easter means to you. What His love, His hope, His death and His resurrection mean to you.

And then….

Take all of that and share it with those who have not yet found this beauty, shine His light to others as He has Shined it in our lives.

He is Risen!

What does Easter mean to you? Please tell me what it means to you.


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