Anne Scheidler

Vice President of Pro-Life Action League, Mother of Seven, with 26 Grandchildren and Three Great Grandchildren

Anne Scheidler

Pro-life Action League President Ann Scheidler’s involvement with the pro-life movement began in 1973 when her husband, National Director, Joe Scheidler began to work full-time in pro-life work. In 1980, she helped found the League.

In 1990, Ann began working part-time at the League as Assistant Director, a position which gradually became full-time. She served as Executive Director from 2000 till 2009, and has served as Vice President since then. Ann is closely involved with all aspects of the League’s work, from public relations and development to activism and outreach.

Ann is a frequent speaker on pro-life activism and sidewalk counseling, and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs. She travels extensively conducting sidewalk counseling training sessions.

Ann holds a bachelor’s degree from Mundelein College. She is the mother of seven children, and has 26 grandchildren and three great grandchildren.