Silly Songs With Pro-Abortion Activists - F#*K The Suburbs And Kill The Unborn

Bryan Kemper
Director, Stand True Pro-Life Youth Outreach
Today I joined our good friends, Created Equal, on the campus of The Ohio State University for a pro-life outreach. We exposed the truth of what abortion really is by showing photographs and video of the victims of abortion. We were also distributing literature and having conversations with students, many of whom seemed eager to ask questions. I have several good conversations as well as several, lets just say, less then intelligent ones as well. I was actually thanked by several students, who identified themselves as pro-choice, for having civil and intelligent conversations with them. One of them even told some of the more radical pro-abortion protesters that they were not helping their side by being so belligerent. Towards the end of the day, one pro-abortion activists broke out his guitar and started to serenade everyone; I hesitate to call it singing. Some of his more memorable lyrics were: "F#*k the suburbs and kill your unborn", "Not every human ever born is always going to have a place" and "Most people alive today have not earned the status of human". Needless to say, this young man needs prayer. Here is a video collection of three of his songs, (although they all sound the same). Warning - graphic language and ludicrous lyrics.