Another Baby Saved At Abortion Mill and a Special Note From Father Frank Pavone

Bryan Kemper
Director, Stand True Pro-Life Youth Outreach

A Special Note From Father Frank Pavone

Dear Friends,

One of the greatest blessings God has given to our Priests for Life ministry is our Youth Outreach program, Stand True, headed by Bryan Kemper.

Bryan and I are writing to you today to make sure you are aware of the life-saving work that Stand True is doing, particularly through our summer interns who are with us now.

We need your help to give them the training they need, not only to save lives this summer, but to attend national conferences at which they will learn pro-life skills and build relationships that will last a lifetime within the movement.

So many interns who were with us in the past, and in whom Stand True nurtured the seeds of pro-life activism, have gone on to positions of leadership and service in the pro-life movement.  Kate Bryan, for instance, now works for Professor Robby George at the American Principles Project, and Brandi Swindell has started Stanton Health Care, specializing in unexpected pregnancy care.

Priests for Life is one of the only pro-life groups which, though not a students' organization, has a full-time youth outreach director and a full-blown youth outreach program.

And it is succeeding only because people like you are stepping up and helping through your prayers and by your kind donations. We are asking for both today. Please take a moment to read Bryan's message, and please be generous!


Fr. Frank Pavone

National Director

A Mom Came Out of the Abortion Mill Yesterday; She Cancelled Her Abortion and Chose Life For Her Baby.

Praise God as we got to see a mom come out of the abortion mill yesterday morning and decide to cancel her abortion and choose life for her baby. What an amazing start to the summer for Stand True and our courageous pro-life missionaries.

Will you help us keep our amazing pro-life missionaries on the road this summer?  Please donate $25, $50, $100, $500 and help Stand True continue to educate, activate and equip this generation. If you can donate please do so at

This week the Stand True Summer Mission Team began taking their training on the road as some of the team headed to California to join the Survivors Pro-life Boot Camp and the rest are ministering at the abortion mill in Dayton, Ohio.

While most of the team is in Ohio this week, Kimberlee and myself flew to California to help train over 60 young pro-life warriors and lead them in activism on the streets.  I led them in social media training, teaching them how to use social media to spread the pro-life message around the world.

On the streets in front of the abortion mill, I was live streaming one of the young girls from Survivors as she pleaded with moms who were sitting in the lobby waiting to have their babies killed. It was the beautiful words and spirit of this young woman that prompted one mom to come down and talk to us. Now her baby will live.

See a video of this young pro-life woman pleading with moms here -

We are only three weeks into the summer and we have seen two babies who have been saved by our work, and we still have two months to go. I am confident that we will see many more examples of the fruits of our labor, and continue to plants seed along the way this summer.

We need your support to continue this urgent work. In two weeks, we load the van and start driving thousands of miles as we take the pro-life message across America. We will be heading down to New Orleans, North Carolina, New York, New Hampshire, Michigan and much more.

For the voiceless,

Bryan Kemper