The Other Night


The other night I had a dream.

I dreamt I was in Hell.

It wasn’t like you think,

It was sort of like this Earth.

I remember walking down the street,

Wandering about.

I came upon a poor man,

Shivering in the street. His feet were bare,

His clothes were torn, Tangles in his hair.

He looked as if He’d been beaten up,

More than a time or two.

His stench was heavy in the air,

I had to hold my breath.


As I turned away,

A scream pierced my ear.

The fragile woman laying there,

Unable to move at all.

As he ripped at her clothes,

I could not stand to watch.

He took from her what was not his,

With no Remorse at all.

I had to leave,

I could not stand to watch.

I started to feel her pain.

Around the corner,

I saw a girl.

She smelled of cheap perfume.

She smiled at me,

And with a wink, Said all there was to say.

Thirteen, maybe fourteen,

That’s as old as she could be.

Her parents must be worried:

Where could their daughter be?


Next I stumbled upon a child,

His body, battered and bruised.

I stood in shock As I looked up,

He fell to the hands Of his own father.

How much more

Can I take

Of these morbid scenes of Hell?


Up in the distance, I see a line,

Forming at a door.

Out the back came a man,

Carrying a garbage bag.

In they filed

To add to the pile

Of America’s disgrace.


All of a sudden,

I tripped and fell,

I was in great pain.

But, wait a minute! This was a dream.

How could I feel this pain?

A dream indeed, No, not at all.

This is our very own world.

With all this wealth In the world,

Why can’t we feed the poor?

When we see someone Is in distress,

Why can’t we call for help?

Why won’t someone do something

About parents who hurt their kids?

And about this slaughter of pre-born babies,

Why won’t someone speak out?


Wait a minute!

What am I saying?

How can I be so blind?

Why leave it up To someone else?

What makes me so special?

Oh God, Oh God, Please have mercy!

Have mercy on my soul.

This was not a dream, This was not Hell,

This is the real world.


Next time I walk

Down these streets

And see these morbid sights,

Will I make an effort

To make a difference In someone else’s life?

The answer came in a dream,

A dream I had last night.

As I passed all those people,

The face I saw was Christ’s.