Fr. Pavone on Kansas Pro-life Amendment: A Challenge to an Honest Ballot Initiative

Leslie Palma
Director of Communications

TITUSVILLE, FL - Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, issued the following statement today regarding the ballot initiative voted down in Kansas yesterday.

“The Value Them Both amendment in Kansas did not pass at the ballot box yesterday. The amendment stated the obvious, that the Kansas Constitution does not confer a right to abortion. It also stated that there is no duty for the government to fund abortion.

“The abortion proponents think they won a victory. But when the “victory” is more abortion, nobody wins. Babies will be killed, mothers and families will be harmed, and the democratic process by which the people set policy through their elected representatives has been hijacked.

“The abortion-loving side, aided by a very friendly media and funded by abortion extremists with deep pockets, lied about the very nature of the amendment and about what would happen to women if abortion were to be restricted in Kansas in the future. They used scare tactics and outright lies to vote down an amendment calling for Kansas to Value Them Both.

“Here’s my challenge to the abortion supporters: Let’s have an honest ballot initiative on abortion, where both sides actually tell the people what they are voting on. We are up to that challenge any day; we will win every time. Abortion supporters lie because they know the American people do not want abortion without limits or the duty to pay for someone else’s abortion. They never have wanted that and never will.

“My message to pro-lifers in the state is the same message I give to people in states with much less regard for life than Kansas: Your state does not belong to the Courts, to pro-abortion lawmakers, or to pro-abortion groups either inside or outside of Kansas. It belongs to you. We will continue working with you on further initiatives to protect unborn children and their families from a bloodthirsty abortion industry,” Fr. Pavone concluded.