Priests for Life, Silent No More urge Yes votes in Ohio special election today

Priests for Life

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Contact:  Leslie Palma


The leadership of Priests for Life is urging every person of faith and every pro-lifer in Ohio to vote “Yes” in today’s special election.

Voters are being asked whether the threshold of votes needed to amend the constitution should be increased to 60 percent from the current 50 percent plus one vote.

National Director Frank Pavone noted that, “We don’t always let simple majorities have their way because majorities can be wrong, as we’ve seen in other abortion-related ballot initiatives that harm the democratic process and harm the unborn, their mothers and their families.

“Get out to vote today. Vote Yes on Issue 1.”

Janet Morana, executive director of Priests for Life and co-founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, said that even people who are pro-choice should be concerned with a ballot question to be voted on in the November election.

“If the Ohio constitution is changed to allow abortion for any reason at any time, that will be a tragedy,” she said. “But another tragedy will be the loss of parental rights. Minors will be able to have abortions and gender-mutilating surgery without their parents’ consent or even their knowledge.”

Bryan Kemper, coordinator of street activism for Priests for Life, is part of the Protect Women Ohio coalition and has been working for months to get out a Yes vote.

“Anyone in Ohio who hasn’t voted yet has to vote today,” Kemper said. “Everyone else needs to pray that this measure passes. We need to protect our children, born and unborn.”

Christine Ballor is the regional coordinator for Silent No More in Central Ohio and also has been involved in the Vote Yes campaign.

“A yes vote on Issue 1 will ultimately save women from being exploited by the abortion industry,” Ms. Ballor said. “As a vulnerable, confused and frightened young woman, I was encouraged to dispose of my baby by Planned Parenthood, causing me decades of grief and regret.

“Women deserve our help, not the death of their children. Please vote Yes to save women and children and to stop those who wish to use our constitution to enshrine their radical agendas.”