Pro-Life Women in History

The month of March is celebrated as Women’s History Month, and this year, Stand True and Priests for Life are celebrating Pro-Life Women in History.
Each day in March, we will reveal a new woman who is or was a heroine in the pro-life movement!
Visit this page each day to see who we are highlighting and to read a bit about her.

St. Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa)

Pro-Life Heroine
“Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use violence to get what they want. That is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.”

Susan B Anthony

An American social reformer and women's rights activist who played a pivotal role in the women's suffrage movement.

Dee Becker

Founder of Delaware Right to Life
The 1973 Supreme Court Roe vs Wade decision catapulted Dee into a life of defending the unborn and vulnerable.

Joan Andrews Bell

A Pioneer in Pro-Life Activism
"It is my humble privilege to follow my conscience and my Catholic faith in defense of the innocent and the just."

Judie Brown

President and Co-Founder of American Life League
"The final end of abortion in America will come when every human being begins to appreciate his own life as a gift from God and the lives of those entrusted to his care as the true blessings they are."

Dr. Theresa Burke

Founder, Rachel's Vineyard Ministrie
Pastoral Associate, Priests for Life

"You are not alone. A new chapter of your life awaits you. Take courage, God is calling you towards peace, love, hope, and freedom."

Denise Cocciolone

Founder and President of the National Life Center, the parent organization of 1st Way Pregnancy Centers.
Her first center opened in her hometown of Woodbury, New Jersey. She was formerly the executive director and member of the board of directors of Birthright USA. Denise and her husband John adopted two children.

Marjorie Dannenfelser

President, Susan B Anthony - Pro-Life America
"Abortion-centered feminism is dead."

Eva Edl

Rescued from a Russian Concentration Camp She became a Rescuer of Preborn Children
“The first time I realized there were abortion clinics in our country was in 1988. I said to my husband, ‘these are the death camps of America.’ I saw people sitting in front of abortion clinics in Atlanta, and I’ve been involved ever since.”

Carol Everett

Former Abortion Clinic Owner
She experienced a life-altering change when she came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in 1983. Since then, she has been a fierce advocate for the life affirming movement, working to make this nation safe for unborn babies and their mothers.

Virginia Evers

Inventor of the ‘Precious Feet’ Pin
“The greatest reward for our labor is the fact that the precious feet save babies lives.”

Dr. Jean Garton

Recepient of the Dominus Vitae Award
"Pro-Life is a mighty association of individuals, groups, churches, and organizations with people of all ages, colors, religions and nationalities. Pro-Life is a worldwide movement that has no counterpart."

Nellie Gray

Founder and President of the March for Life Education and Defense Fund
Nellie will be most remembered for her passionate stance that every life, born and preborn, aged and young, must be cherished and protected. No exception! No compromise!

Margaret (Peggy) Hartshorn

Chairman of the Board of Heartbeat International
Peggy has traveled to 52 countries, teaching and training, visiting existing pregnancy help organizations, and helping to start new ones in Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. She is also the author of Foot Soldiers Armed with Love: The First Forty Years of Heartbeat International.

Dr. Mildred Jefferson

An American physician and anti-abortion political activist.
She helped the public see the cruelty and inhumanity of abortion and the inherent dignity of every human life.

Alveda King

Head of Civil Rights for The Unborn, Pro-Life Activist, Author, Former State Representative, Niece of Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr., Daughter of Civil Rights Activist A. D. King and Naomi Barber King
“Human rights begin in the womb. Civil rights begin in the womb. Women’s rights begin in the womb. Human Life begins in the womb.”

Barbara Listing

Prsident of Right to Life of Michigan’s (RLM) for 43 years.
"Our history as a nation is built upon the right to life and not its deliberate destruction. With compassion and respect for all, our organization will continue its mission through legal means to encourage all to make the choice for life."

Barbara Lyons

Awarded the People of Life Award from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Monica Miller

Nationally-Known Pro-Life Leader, Founder and Director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society
“The tragedy of abortion should disturb you and prompt you to radical action to meet the attack on innocent life."

Janet Morana

Executive Director, Priests for Life, Co-Founder, Silent No More Awareness Campaign
"These women need to hear what we are saying. Even if they pretend they’re not listening, they hear."

Eva Muntean

Manager of Marketing for Ignatius Press
"Dobbs was stupendous, just fantastic. For the first time, we will stand together at the Walk for Life West Coast in a country where the so-called ‘right’ to kill an unborn child is no longer the law of the land."

Anne Pierson

Director of Ministry Services for Loving and Caring, Inc.
“Anne is an incredibly wise woman – versed in human nature, able to see what women really need, and willing to pour herself out with genuine love.”
Peggy Hartshorn

Janet Folger Porter

Founder and President of Faith2Action, National Director of The Center For Reclaiming America, Legislative Director for Ohio Right To Life
"I'll fight for your liberty as hard as I fought for life."

Shari Richard

Ultrasound Trainer, Pro-Life Speaker
"These are the voices of women, men and families that have been confronted with the truth of abortion displayed through ultrasound of the unborn. This gift of life is unique, it is transforming and it is irreplaceable… "

Anne Scheidler

Vice President of Pro-Life Action League, Mother of Seven, with 26 Grandchildren and Three Great Grandchildren

Phyllis Schlafly

American Attorney, Conservative Activist, Anti-Feminist Spokesperson for The National Conservative Movement, Founder of Eagle Forum
"I urge young women to look ahead and see if they want to have a lonely old age or do they want to have what I have, which is the joy of 14 beautiful grandchildren."

Marie Smith

Founder and Director of the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues (PNCI)
A recipient of the 2009–2010 Life Prizes Award in recognition of her global work to protect children and their mothers from the violence of abortion. She previously worked with Life Issues Institute and served as the International Director of Feminists for Life.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Leader of the Women's Rights Movement in the U.S. During the Mid- to Late-19th Century, Fought for Women’s Right to Vote
"Truth is the only safe ground to stand on".

Olivia Gans Turner

Director of American Victims of Abortion and President of the Virginia Society for Human Life
"Every pro-lifer can memorize what I call ‘the fetal facts,’ and they should. But really listening and not just giving a pat answer is the first step to opening the door to communication."

Jeanne Head

Founder of Manhattan Right to Life
“The pro-life movement is made up of ordinary people doing extraordinary things with God’s help. We can make a difference. We have no idea what we can do until we try.”

Terry Weaver

Named Birthright’s national director in 1991.
"You are doing it one at a time. You’re working with the person until the needs are met. You treat everybody like your family."