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New Video: Abortion Clinic Worker Separates Murdered Baby Body Parts and Refers To One As “Five Star” – VP Medical Director Prices Body Parts “Per Item”

I am up in the woods of Michigan on retreat with the Stand True Pro-life Outreach Mission Team but I could not stay silent as this new video was released today. I sat this morning in shock as I watched a Planned Parenthood technician separating baby body parts and identifying them. At one point he said, “five star”, referring to the condition of one of the murdered babies he was separating.

You will also see Planned Parenthood butchers, negotiating a “price per part” deal for the babies body parts. Yes, I called them butchers as I cannot respect them with the title of doctor. (I will however commit to praying for them daily as God loves them just as much as He loves me.)

As much as this video is sickening and heartbreaking, it is something America must see.

After you watch this video please share it, post about, tweet about it, tumble about it, pin about it….. Share it with the world and help us take down the abortion cartel and Planned Parenthood. This holocaust must end and it can only do so when we stand up and say no more!

Please use #PPSellsBabyParts and #5StarBabyParts and feel free refer them to or directly to the video

Here is a sample tweet you can put out: @PPact calls aborted baby “5 Star” as he separates parts for sale @ per part pricing, this is not selling? #PPSellsBabyParts #5starbabyparts

For the voiceless,

Bryan Kemper

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