This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

The continuing saga of Troy, OH vs. Stand True, the pro-life message and free speech.

If you have been following what Stand True has been going through in our home town of Troy, OH over free speech and sidewalk chalking today’s story will be of no surprise to you. For those who may not be familiar with the back story, our town has been harassing the Stand True missionaries for over a year now, trying to stop us and silence us here in Troy, OH.

Earlier this summer they actually passed a special law against us chalking for 4 days to try and keep us away from the Troy Strawberry Festival. Read about that at Stand True Mission Team takes Ohio by storm confronting Nancy Pelosi, Planned Parenthood and witnessing to 100,000 in one weekend.

You can also read about them threatening to arrest us – Update On Stand True Missionaries Threat of Arrest by Troy Police Today

Last night the Stand True mission team hit the streets of Troy, OH to chalk around the City Council building and the Troy, Police Department. We chalked our usual pro-life and Gospel messages but also added some free speech messages. My oldest daughter came along and placed drop cards all over down town. She is growing up to be more like dad every day.

We woke up this morning to clean sidewalks as the city had it all washed away early. It was obviously power washed because the gutters were full of chalk residue. No problem. The team sat down for prayer, had lunch and then proceeded to go back and re-chalk everything during the lunch hour. They will not silence our message, they will not squash our free speech.

Here are some pics from last night and today. Also we need more chalk, can you donate $25, $50, $100, $500 or any amount to help Stand True educate, activate and equip this generation and keep us stocked up on chalk? – If you can donate please do so at


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