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Gas for Life

Gas for Life On June 20th five pro-life missionaries will start a two-month, 13,500 mile journey, crisscrossing the country between, Ohio, Florida, Seattle, Denver, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and many more stops in between. We will be proclaiming the Gospel of Christ and spreading the pro-life message along the way.

One of the biggest expenses we will have this summer is gas for the Stand True van and Trailer. It takes about $100 to fill the van and with the trailer that only gets about 250 miles per tank. This summer we will need approximately 54 tanks of gas to finish the Summer Mission Trip at a cost of $5,400.

Here is how you can help us reach our goal.

$100 buys a tank of gas – 250 miles

$75 buys ¾ of a tank of gas – 187.5 miles

$50 buys ½ of a tank of gas – 125 miles

$25 buys ¼ of a tank of gas – 62.5 miles

So every dollar equals 2.5 miles of our 13,500-mile mission trip.

Can you afford to buy a tank of gas to help us save babies and spread the Gospel of Christ? Maybe a half tank, quarter tank or even 5 tanks; what can do to make sure the Stand True Summer Mission Team stays on the road this summer.

Donate online at: or at

Call a donation in to 540-538-2581

Mail a donation to: Stand True PO Box 890 Troy, OH 45373

Please make the most generous donation you can today. Please also tell your friends and churches about this opportunity to help spread the Gospel and pro-life message.

For Christ I stand

Bryan Kemper

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