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Gosnell GUILTY of three counts of First Degree Murder

The Jury in the Gosnell murder trial has returned with a verdict of guilty in three of the four counts of First Degree Murder and a verdict of guilty for involuntary manslaughter. We will be updating you with more details here and on as it comes in. You can also follow Stand True and Bryan Kemper on Twitter – @standtrue @bryankemper

So far we know this:

Gosnell charged with three accounts of first degree murder on babies A, C, and D. Alex, Adam and Chris.

Infanticide on baby A (Adam).

Conspiracy in deaths of babies C (Alex) and D (Chris).

Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter of Karnamaya Mongar

Guilty of “corrupt organizations,” and conspiracy to perform abortions past PA’s 24 week limit.

Also found guilty on most of the more than 200 counts of PA’s “informed consent” law requiring a 24-hour wait.

Statement from Stand True President, Bryan Kemper:

Even if not on every count, I am thrilled today by the guilty verdict in the Gosnell murder trial; I have waited many years for justice to be served on behalf of babies being killed by abortionists. While this may be a small victory in the grand scheme of the abortion holocaust, it is an important victory for every baby who has ever been killed under the guise of choice. The ugliness of what abortion really is has had it’s mask peeled away and the truth about the violent and deadly abortion industry has been shown to the world. Gosnell was not a lone bad guy as so many in the abortion industry have tried to make him out to be: he is the face of abortion, the logical conclusion to the thought process that allows it in the first place.

I wept as I realized that after 20 years of fighting abortion full time there is finally some legal justice for these precious babies and an abortionist is found guilty if killing children.

Also read a report from my time in the courtroom:

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Bryan Kemper
Director of Youth Outreach for Priests for Life
Stand True

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