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History Made – Planned Parenthood Defunded By House – Here Is Our Next Action Step

Dear friends,

Wonderful news! For the first time in history, the House of Representatives has voted to defund Planned Parenthood in a bipartisan vote of 240 to 185! The Pence Amendment will prevent Planned Parenthood from receiving over $300 million dollars from tax-payers to continue to cover-up sexual abuse and fund the killing of 300,000 unborn children every year.

Bryan Kemper, President of Stand True – Christ Centered Pro-life commented: “My parents remember what they were doing the day that John F. Kennedy was shot. I remember what I was doing on the day Ronald Reagan was shot. The pro-life youth of America are going to remember the day the nation’s largest child-killing organization lost its federal funding. Today we saw the courage of the House of Representatives as they took the first step to eliminate hundreds of millions of taxpayer’s dollars being spent on the destruction of this generation. We cannot slow down; we must now let the Senate know it is imperative that they do the same. We must defund Planned Parenthood now.”

It is now more important than ever that the pro-life movement unite to defund the largest abortion chain in the country, Planned Parenthood. Joining in this grassroots fight to end tax-payer funding of Planned Parenthood, Lila Rose of Live Action – and Kristina Garza of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust – have issued the following statements:

Live Action President Lila Rose reacts to the news,”We applaud those in Congress who championed the safety of women, young girls and children today, and refused to funnel hundreds of millions of tax dollars into an organization that furthers the trafficking of minors and enables sexual abusers. We now turn our attention to the Senate. Now they must examine the facts and move to pull the plug on subsidizing Planned Parenthood’s exploitation of the most vulnerable among us. The case to cease funding is crystal clear. But for any Senator who remains unsure, imagine explaining to your constituents that you voted to keep sending $350 million of their tax dollars to a ‘non-profit’ that puts young girls in harm’s way and made $63 million in profits by aborting 300,000 unborn children last year. It’s time once and for all to stop financing these activities.”

“We are grateful for the courage and tenacity of the representatives who voted to stop paying for abortions with hundreds of millions of our tax dollars every year. We encourage our senators to take the same courageous stand, despite the angry outcries from Planned Parenthood, and other organizations who support the sexual abuse of helpless women. Today’s victory is huge in the battle to end the slaughter of our generation. Let us not lose momentum. Call your senators now, and ask them to follow the House’s lead. Ask them to DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD.” Kristina Garza, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

This victory is a dynamic start, but to win this war we must persevere and finish strong. The battle now moves to the Senate where we expect much opposition. Planned Parenthood is mobilizing thousands of their pro-abortion supporters to save their skin (and tax funding). Will you commit to being activists in this battle for life?

Activism Steps:

1) Urgent: Invite your friends and family to call your Senators! –

You can send letters/emails here: Urge them to defund Planned Parenthood by supporting the Pence Amendment.

It is vital that we call our Senators to keep the pressure on. Can you beat our record call time of 1.5 minutes?

2) Social Media: We urgently need you to continue to post and spread the truth about Planned Parenthood’s cover-ups. The public needs to know that Planned Parenthood routinely ignores sexual abuse, statutory rape and sex trafficking. Will you spread the word on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook? Video links can be found at: and

Yours in the fight for Life,

Bryan Kemper

Stand True

Lila Rose

Live Action

Kristina Garza

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

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