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Hundreds of Illegally Dumped Abortion Records Were Obtained By Operation Rescue In Texas Investigation

This report from our friends at Operation Rescue

Hundreds of Illegally Dumped Abortion Records Were Obtained By Operation Rescue In Texas Investigation

Three-month investigation revealed widespread abortion abuses at a dozen abortion clinics that include violations of State and Federal laws.

Austin TX – Operation Rescue announces today that it has released an investigative report on widespread abortion abuses uncovered during a three-month undercover investigation.  The report contains evidence that crimes have been committed by a dozen abortion clinics throughout Texas.

Operation Rescue is in possession of the names and other medical information of hundreds of patients that obtained abortions between August, 2010 and February, 2011.  This patient information was illegally dumped outside abortion clinics in violation of theFederal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

All evidence of crimes collected during this investigation is currently scheduled to be turned over to the custody of the Texas Attorney General’s office on March 2, 2011.

“This investigation shows that violations of the law at abortion clinics are a widespread crisis of epidemic proportions,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The evidence we uncovered of illegal activity reveals a systemic problem throughout Texas that is not confined to one particular clinic or group of clinics. These violations endanger the heath of women, violate the rights of women to be informed and have their medical records protected, and present health hazards to the general public. We also found disturbing evidence of attempts to evade parental consent laws and child sex abuse reporting laws. This illegal activity endangers the safety and welfare of children throughout Texas.”

In addition, Operation Rescue uncovered the following:

  • The illegal disposal of hazardous bio-medical and infectious waste, including tissue that appears to be the partial remains of aborted babies.  In addition evidence was obtained showing dirty and poorly maintained conditions inside and outside the abortion clinics.
  • Drug violations including the illegal dumping of vials still containing controlled substances and blank prescription slips.
  • Widespread abuses to the Texas mandated informed consent laws, the 24-hour waiting period.
  • Undercover calls and visits to the abortion clinics revealed a pattern of willingness to help minors evade parental consent laws and ignore the mandatory reporting of child sex abuse.

Operation Rescue will hold a press conference on Wednesday, March 2, at 10:00 AM on the south steps of the Texas State Capitol Building to discuss the findings.

Operation Rescue is in the process of filing complaints with the Texas Medical Board against each abortionist involved in violations.  A complaint filed with the Texas State Department of Health has prompted an investigation that is currently underway.

The youth group Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust assisted Operation Rescue in this investigation.

The multi-media report is available at and includes a video and additional information.

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