This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

If Justin Bieber is too young to have an opinion on abortion, then wouldn’t that be too young for Planned Parenthood to push birth control and abortion on kids?

It amazes me that the so-called “pro-choice” movement is so adamant about teaching children all about sex, yet when a 16-year-old states his opinion about abortion, he is vehemently attacked.

I am kind of shocked to see the typically liberal blogs, publications and TV shows suddenly put down a 16-year-old for speaking out on his beliefs.  But of course they know that this particular 16-year-old is so successful and influential that he may actually have some effect on this generation with his words.

They would be jumping for joy and falling over themselves to praise Justin Bieber if had said something positive about abortion or condom use.  They would be going on and on about how great it is that this young star is using his fame to help promote so-called “safe sex” and abortion rights.

However, this time a celebrity had the courage to take a moral stand and speak out for life, and it has the pro-abortion minority foaming at the mouth. “How dare this dumb little kid say anything about sex or abortion; he is just a baby?” is their battle cry now.

Can they actually expect us to take them seriously?  Over the past few weeks we have seen the undercover video investigation from Live Action exposing how Planned Parenthood preys on minors.  We saw Planned Parenthood workers talking about how easy it is for girls as young as 12 or 13 get birth control and abortions without parental involvement.

Explain to me how it is ok for a 13-year-old girl to be allowed to get an abortion without her parent’s knowledge, yet a 16-year-old can’t have an opinion about abortion?

Several years ago, Planned Parenthood in Ohio was paying teenagers to recruit their friends.  What Planned Parenthood is doing is creating a circle of death: get the kids sexually active, give then condoms and then kill their babies when those condoms fail.

But the minute one teenager stands up and talks about being pro-life or not jumping into sex, suddenly he is too young to have an opinion.  Does this seem just a little hypocritical to you?

The real problem is that the abortion industry knows that Justin Bieber has probably just cost them millions of dollars. They know and have been commenting about how so many young girls will take what he said to heart and probably choose not to have abortions.

I have also read commentators talk about how Justin has no right to speak on this issue. Excuse me? Are you not claiming to be “pro-choice?  Do people not have the choice to believe something contrary to you and voice that opinion? Just another hypocrisy that shows that pro-choice is actually pro-abortion.

Justin Bieber made a very courageous statement and he is being attacked and will be attacked a lot more.  We MUST support him in this statement and show him he has support.

Stand True, Lila Rose and Live Action, Lifenews, Prolife New Zealand, Survivors and Lifesitenews have teamed up to start a facebook campaign to show our support for Justin’s pro-life stance. We have also drafted a sample letter for everyone to send to Justin and an address to send it to. Please go to and like the page, invite all your friends and write Justin a letter of support.

Here are the articles from LifeSiteNews and Lifenews on this project:

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