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Marching for Life After Roe v. Wade 

Bryan Kemper, Stand True

My first time attending the March for Life in Washington D.C. was in 1994 and I was not really prepared for all of the amazing events surrounding the March. My friends and I drove from Los Angeles and got there two days early to see a little of D.C. but ended up overwhelmed with how many people were there and the number of events to get involved with. The March for Life may be the main event but there is so much more to do and so many opportunities to get more involved with the pro-life movement. I highly recommend planning to do more than just the March itself.

Bryan Kemper with Christian recording artists Mike Donehey onstage at the 2022 March for Life

Bryan Kemper with Christian recording artists Mike Donehey onstage at the 2022 March for Life

One of my favorite events is the National Prayer Service at Constitution Hall on the morning of the March for Life. It’s an interdenominational prayer service, with praise and worship, great music, and an awards ceremony. Every year some of the most amazing people are honored for their hard work and commitment to ending the abortion holocaust. The event begins with a Catholic Mass for anyone who wants to attend.

This year is more than exciting to me as we not only have some of the most amazing people receiving awards but we have the honor of having Mike Donehey of Tenth Ave North leading the praise and worship time again. Being in Constitution Hall, hearing him sing “You Are More” live to the women and men from Silent No More will bring tears to your eyes as you praise God for their testimonies. 

Bryan Kemper with Alveda King and Mike Donehey at National Prayer Service

Bryan Kemper with Alveda King and Mike Donehey at National Prayer Service

This year we will be honoring some of the most amazing heroes from the pregnancy help center movement, like Chris Slattery from Expectant Mother Care, Peggy Hartshorn from Heartbeat International and many more. I might be the most excited to hear remarks from Chris Slattery as I have been so enthralled with his work in New York. He has given so much of his life and revolutionized sidewalk counseling and pregnancy help centers.

As you make plans for the March for Life in January, I would strongly encourage you to include the National Prayer Service as a must-attend event. Start your day with some incredible praise and worship and truly inspiring testimonies from heroes of the movement.

Friday, January 20, 2023 from 8:30-10:30 am Catholic Mass at 7:30 am 
DAR Constitution Hall, 1776 D St. NW (18th and D St.) Washington, DC 20006.

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For the Voiceless

Bryan Kemper 
Director of Youth Outreach and Coordinator of Street Activism 


A Note from Father Frank

Dear Friends,

This month of November will be very important for us in the pro-life movement to plan our next steps, based on what the results of the midterm elections will be. The bottom line is that we will have many more opportunities to craft and pass laws protecting the unborn.

We work, of course, to educate minds and convert hearts. The law has a powerful function in doing both of those things as well.

We have a lot of friends in the legislatures, both on the state and federal level. I would like to invite you to make friends there as well. Get to know your state Representative and Senator. Find out where they stand on abortion. Visit with them. If they are pro-life, they will be encouraged to hear from you about the need to protect the unborn, and they will be able to tell you the kind of help they need.

Thank you for your support of Stand True. We have only just begun!


Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life