This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

My Statement After Voting Today – Bryan Kemper

I just VOTED! In Ohio you can vote early. Will my vote end abortion? NO! Will my vote change the world tomorrow? NO! Will my vote get me into or out of heaven? NO! Will my vote allow me to take a breath and relax a little in my pro-life work? NO! Did my vote count? YES! My vote counted no matter who wins this election because I raised my voice. I rejected apathy and took action. What now? Now I turn my energy up a notch and use my voice every day that I have breath to oppose the systematic slaughter of a generation of innocent souls in the abortion holocaust. I resolve to fight harder, speak louder and be bolder as I commit to the total abolishment of all abortion before another generation passes under the shadow of Roe. Today I voted and now it is time to back up that vote NOT sit back down.

Bryan Kemper

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