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John Boehner Let Planned Parenthood Win And Bargained Away The Lives of Innocent Babies – Bryan Kemper’s Statement On This Sell Out

I have a message for John Boehner: the lives of human beings are not negotiable. I am not happy; in fact, I am livid over the fact that John Boehner was willing to sell out the lives of innocent babies who will die at the hands of Planned Parenthood.

Let’s be clear about this separate vote that he negotiated for the defunding of Planned Parenthood:, it is a token vote that will not pass the Senate. John Boehner knows that the only hope of defunding Planned Parenthood was to keep the Pence Amendment in this budget.

We had the momentum; we could have held the Democrats to the fire and we could have forced their hand. President Obama along with the rest of the Democrats have tried to say that we cannot stop government over social issues, but killing children is not merely a social issue — it is a life-and-death issue. What John Boehner just did was to allow the rhetoric of Planned Parenthood to win; his actions spoke loudly about his commitment to the sanctity of life.

I will admit that I am happy that we finally had a national debate that exposed the dark corners of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was caught with their pants down and now the world knows that they cannot be trusted. I am also happy that the funding for abortion in DC was taken out of the budget, but again it seems that baby’s lives were merely a bargaining chip.

The amazing work of Live Action shined the light on the willingness of Planned Parenthood to cover up child rape. and this was front and center in the media. Planned Parenthood was truly exposed as their workers were seen giving advice to pimps and helping them hide the fact that they sold minors on the streets.

We had Planned Parenthood on the ropes; they were caught in lie after lie. We were proving them wrong at every turn, from how much of their business is abortion to the fact that they do not do mammograms. I truly believe if John Boehner had held out, the Democrats would have had to pass a budget without the funding.

John Boehner and the Republicans who were willing to sell out must be held accountable for the over $350,000,000 that will now be given to the nation’s largest abortion provider. This is blood money and their hands are now stained with that blood.

I am sure there will be many conservative groups and even a few pro-life groups who will try and spin this as a win because we got 39 billion out of the budget. I don’t care if we got 39 trillion out of the budget; we are giving our tax dollars to an organization that kills 25% of the babies who are killed by abortion every day in America. Planned Parenthood kills over 900 babies every day and we cannot continue to fund these child killers.

So now that I have vented and let out some steam, what next? Do we stop all the hard work we have been doing over the past couple of months? Do we pack up camp and go back to out daily lives and wait for the next big battle? NO.

We cannot allow this momentum to die even if the Defunding Bill does. We cannot go back to the status quo, we must push harder to bring down Planned Parenthood and end child-killing in America.

Stand True is committed to fighting harder than ever to build a culture of life and stay on the forefront of this battle. We have seen amazing unity between so many pro-life organizations as we fought this battle. The cooperation and hard work of groups and people like Stand True, Live Action, Students for Life of America, Survivors, Susan B Anthony List, Abby Johnson, Thomas Peters and so many more was a breath of fresh air.

Starting on Monday morning our focus will be moving towards the Stand True Summer Mission Trip where we will be reaching tens of thousand of people a day. We will be looking at what we can do to motivate more and more people to put the fire to our politicians’ feet so the next time they won’t sell out. We will be educating, equipping and activating the youth of America to take a stand and demand the end of the abortion holocaust. This has just rekindled the fire that has had me in this battle for almost 20 years; I have new resolve to fight the culture of death until my dying breath.

Please continue to pray for the work of Stand True and all of the groups involved in the battle to defund Planned Parenthood. We have a lot of work left to do and can use all of the prayer and support we can get. To make a donation simply click donate at the top of this blog or at

If you want to let John Boehner know how you feel:
For Christ I stand,
Bryan Kemper


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