This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

When our judgment is love and our silence is hate; calling out abortion for the violent crime it is.

I often hear people telling me that I must only point out sin, and not point my finger at the sinner. As if I am to somehow be able to only confront the sin being committed, without confronting the sinner committing the sin. This thought process often comes with an assertion that if we “judge” someone by pointing out a wrong they are doing, that we are not loving that person.

When it comes to the topic of abortion, many people will argue that, if we call abortion murder, then we are calling people involved in it murderers. They will continue to argue that if we are calling them murderers then we are judging them and not loving them.

Some Christians will say it is “mean spirited” to refer to an abortionist as a child killer, and we should call them doctors.

We refer to a person who rapes, as a rapist.

We refer to a person who robs, as a robber.

We refer to a person who molests children,  as a child molester.

How then is this mean spirited to refer to a person who kills children, as a child killer? We must paint the proper picture of abortion, expose the gruesomeness of this evil for what it is.

The problem I see is that many people are only looking at the sin aspect of abortion and ignoring the physical violence aspect of it. Abortion is more than just another sin, it is the physical act of ending a human life and therefore must be actively opposed.

We are not failing to love the rapist if we first try and stop him from raping a woman; we are in fact loving both the woman and the rapist by actively stopping a violent act. If we allowed the rapist to go “un-judged” and continue to commit these violent acts against women then we are in a way condoning these acts.

If we do not speak out on behalf of the thousands of children who are being slaughtered each day in America, we do not love the abortionist or the children being killed. If we allow the child killers to go unchecked, then we do not love them but in fact are in a way condoning their violent acts.

Because society has made this crime against humanity an acceptable thing, we must show that it is not acceptable. The true love comes with our action, our voice and our resolve to end this bloody holocaust. We know that little baby boys and girls are being ripped limb from limb; our silence is a judgment in and of itself. Our silence is saying that what they are doing is acceptable. Our silence is an act of hatred as we ignore the victim being destroyed in order to not cast judgment on the destroyer.

Let me be clear – I am not saying that we go around and start calling women who have been deceived about the choice they are making murderers. I am not saying we need to stand outside an abortion clinic and shout hateful things at the women going inside.

What I am saying though is that if we fail to speak out for the sake of the human person who is being killed in every abortion, we have failed to love anyone involved in that situation. We have failed to love the child by allowing his or her killing to go unopposed. We have failed to love the mother and father of that child being killed by not pleading with them, showing them the truth and offering them hope. We have failed to love the abortionist by allowing him to kill innocent children and wound men and women as he carries out these violent acts.

Some may paint standing outside the abortion clinic as hate, but if you look closely at what is happening you will see love at work. The loving and effective work of projects like 40 Days for Life and the tireless sidewalk counselors who stand in the gap for the children being killed, are acts of true love. Watching these men and women who are willing to stand and oppose the killing but offer the alternative and the hope needed is to witness true love in action.

Judgment can often be the most loving thing we can do. If I see a man beating his child and cast judgment that his actions are wrong by interceding on behalf of the child, have I done wrong? If I see someone stealing from a store and cast judgment by reporting that theft have I been an un-loving person? If we see children being slaughtered, should we not stand in the gap and cry out against the bloodshed?

We have lived through more than 40 years of legalized child killing in America and I will cast judgment upon a society that has allowed this bloodshed to exist. I will cry out and use my voice to proclaim that this generation not only has the right to speak up, but also is obligated to do so. If we ignore this obligation and keep our mouths shut as to not offend, then we have truly shown the world hatred, not love.


I understand some will want to quote Matthew 7:1 to me. “Do not judge so that you will not be judged” 

Most theologians agree with the meaning of this verse, I liked the wording found here at Provocative Christian Living – “When Jesus said that we should not judge unless we be judged also, he was not saying that we are to never judge if behavior is sin or not. What he was doing was giving us a caution to make sure that we are willing to be judged by the same standard of judgment. This verse is not a warning against judging an action. It is a warning against self deception and hypocrisy.”

We are also told in John 7:24 to judge with right judgement – “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.”

For Christ I stand,

Bryan Kemper

Youth Outreach Director for Priests for Life

All of this being said I also point out the total forgiveness there is in Christ; He is the only Hope for those involved in this heinous crime.  Christ can and will heal those hurting from abortion just as he can heal and forgive those hurting from any other crime they may have committed. If you need to talk to someone about healing please contact


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